Coronavirus: Our Health in Nose Masks

As Government partially ease lockdown in various Countries globally, world governments through the United Nations World Health Organisation and several Health Organsations have now advised the use of nose masks in public settings.

Nose and face masks particularly became popular in use since the commencement of the lockdown on movement in various countries across the world in a means to reduce the wide spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Currently there is no clinically proven vaccine for Covid-19 (as at the time of publishing this content), and it appears that several country's economy is crashing down, in order to prevent the crashing of the economy and as well reducing the spread of COVID-19 by the use of nosemasks.

The use of Nose masks as the "New Normal" all across the world and the main question is does the use of a nose mask prevent COVID-19? Although the advise on the use of nosemasks when outside the house in a community setting is way different in various Countries. In Asia Countries, the wearing of nose masks in public has been a new normal since the outbreak of COVID-19.

In some European countries like Austria, Spain and the UK, there are enforcement on the use of nose masks in public gathering,

In some African countries like Nigeria where lockdown has been partially eased the use of Nose masks is enforced in order to prevent the wide spread of respiratory infectious disease such as the COVID-19.

The use of Nose masks is not an alternative to staying at home when you feel sick, the Government advised that when feel sick staying at home (self isolation) is one of the best way to reduce the spread of the virus. And it is not an alternative for hygiene such as washing the hand with soap and alcohol based hand sanitizer.

What experts Say about Nosemasks in prevention of COVID-19.

According to Prof Trish Greenhalgh, the professor of primary Health Care sciences, Niffield department of primary care health sciences, the University of Oxford. He said; 'The science on this is clear: Covid-19 is most commonly transmitted by droplets emitted when we cough, sneeze, shout, sing and even just breathe in close proximity to others. Cloth face coverings are highly effective at blocking droplets coming out of the mouth and nose. They’re not perfect, but if you can stop 90 or 95% of the droplets this will cause a very dramatic reduction in the number of people who catch the virus'.

'Face coverings, which can be made out of a double layer of cloth, are a crucially important measure for bringing the country out of lockdown, since in reality few of us can get properly back to work without getting within 2 metres of other people (either while travelling to work or in offices and factories). We can’t stay behind our front doors forever, and nobody wants a second wave of Covid-19, so covering our faces will become the new normal in public places, workplaces and on public transport.'

However, World Health Organization (WHO) published on April 6,2020 stated that "wearing a nosemask in the public is one of the means and measures to prevent and limit the spread of certain respiratory disease including the COVID-19. Importantly, WHO warns that facemasks and nosemasks are not a replacement for other protective such as Social distancing combined with other measures such as hygiene.

See various face and nose mask designs below.