Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19, broke out in  Wuhan City, China late December 2019. At the time, many people did not pay much attention towards the infectious disease until early this year when the spread of the disease became practically uncontrollable, spreading rapidly from its originating country to other countries and territories of the world while claiming lives. The world's attention has now been drawn towards this infectious disease.

The highly contagious disease comes with the possibility of causing severe respiratory infections such as a running nose, high fever, tiredness, dry cough and in some cases sore throat and  diarrhea, causing infected patient to have difficulty in breathing. Having achieved  a pandemic state, the World Health Organization  (WHO) and Centres for Disease Control (CDCs) across the world, have issued guidelines for managing the problem from biomedical and psychological points of view, with the provision of funds ,medical supports and encouragement to the workers in the Health sector.

One positive result of the Coronavirus pandemic is in the fact that World government leaders have diverted  attention and focus towards the Health sector by providing necessary medical supplies to various Countries and Territories which have been affected by the virus.

Also, world business giants such as Elon Musk (founder SpaceX), Jack Ma (Co-founder Alibaba group) and other notable figures  have contributed their part  in order to treat and prevent the wide spread of this disease. The notable provision of medical supplies such as Ventilators, personal protective equipment, Rapid test kits among others makes a mark for the health sector here.

Upon the outbreak of novel Corona virus in Nigeria in February, the Nigeria public health sector has been highly recognized. Recently, the World bank released $82 million to support the Nigeria public health sector and the federal government of Nigeria as well gas provided #102 Billion for intervention in the health care sector, the Nigeria Center for Diseases Control (NCDC) through ECOWAS as well, has well provided 120 ventilators, 240,000 diagnostic kits and other member states.

Also, Special Isolation centers and Quick test laboratories have been set up in some states and has been accredited for use prior to the outbreak of the pandemic disease. The European Union (EU) and other world bodies are as well working hand in hand with scientists and Medical professionals to produce vaccines and medications for the Virus (COVID-19).