Coronavirus: Career Tamed, Professionalism Tampered

It is no longer news that there is partial and total lockdown as the case may be, due to the widespread of Coronavirus across the world.

Since the inception of this deadly virus, the basic existing mode of operations and way of life of people has been tampered with almost all sectors affected. There is a general experience of a massive downturn. 

Coronavirus and Job loss

The health sector is grossly affected alike. As the economy of the world now experience a downswing, the educational sector too is far from free of this virus, as all schools had been shutdown since the beginning of the virus. Not even one sector is free from this negative experience the world is into now.

Different sectors have been swayed by the sudden downturn in work. Not surprisingly, with travel at a minimum and social lives put on hold, the accommodation, travel agencies and food services industries also have a share in the suffering. Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and real estate businesses are not out of this downturn.

From the emergence of this deadly virus, professionalism has been tampered and exposed, most especially the health sector, as many of the claimed professionals in this field have failed to produce or come out with any curable vaccines to the coronavirus, on the flip side of that, they try to get some immune enhancement injections to mitigate the effect of this virus on the body of the infected person.

The worst has happened to the career industry - employers, employees, companies and industries. Production is massively affected due to the restrictions of daily operations of the citizen.

According to the BBC, "A total of 81% of the global workforce of 3.3billion people have had their workplace fully or partly closed".
This is due to the restrictions of daily life which has in turn led to the closure of many companies and laying off staff either permanently or temporarily.

The sad news now is that many people have suffered a lay off already from their works as of recent, according to CNN, there are currently over 3.3million unemployment claims in the united States already as a result of the covid.19 pandemic. Those who have not been laid off are on a Payless leave.

"Workers and businesses are facing catastrophe in both developed and developing economies" said by ILO director general. He continued that, there is now a high risk that by the end of 2020, worldwide unemployment figure will be much higher than the initial count.