We are blacks but our skins are not weapons
We do not deserve to be killed 
And we deserve the freedom of expression. 
Our rights should not be violated because we are black
We deserve the freedom to speak up
When our rights are violated.

The discrimination against black has been existing for years, and this has led to crises and chaos in many nations. The black skin has been bleached with several injustices owing to the fact that it is simply black. Racism is not meant to be the order of the day especially in this century. Our skin is black but our brain is not. We are human and we deserve justice like every other human.

Being black is not meant to be a crime because that's our race and we are meant to be able to stand in public and defend it but due to racism, black people are scared to go out and be proud of being black. We do not deserve to be bullied or be shy of being black.

We are black!
We were born black 
And our lives are important. 
That's our race, our identity.