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Agriculture: Why We Need to Return to Native Methods

AGRICULTURE: WHY We Need To Return to native Methods, Victor Akintonde
As with many other areas of life and even in our individuals personal life, the goal of is always to look for ways that will make our task easier to achieve in lesser time and with a much greater productivity.

This also applies to Agriculture as well. Over the years, agriculture has experienced a great shift in its means of cultivation to more productive ways. This has caused a shift from the use of crude implements to cultivate land to more mechanised systems of farming.

There has been use of scientific method in dealing with crop and animal production rather than the old cultural method which has resulted into a lot of great productivity in the Agricultural sector.
Valuable time as been saved, large area of land are as well been cultivated, pest and disease control has been possible through the use of chemical control and most importantly, farmers has experience increase in the quantity of farm produce yearly.

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Having said all this, why will anyone consider going to back to the crude old method of farming? Where there is much labour and little productivity. Stay with me as I give you two crucial point why agriculturist may want to go back to native method of farming.

The first point of I will mention here is the adverse effects of chemicals and fertilizers used on farmland, how they affect us( starting from the farmer to the consumer) and the environment at large.
Due to the toxic nature of most chemicals use on farm wether they are pesticides, herbicides, insecticides etc, many farmers have suffer partial and permanent damage to their health condition such as burns, loss of memory and damage to eye sight etc. The oversensitive nature of this chemicals has make it difficult for farmers who are not educated to handle them probably which has   resulted into adverse health condition in their Lives.

Most chemicals are very powerful and they are not easily degradable when they are applied to crops and the soil, example of such is organo-chlorine chemicals. The residue of this chemicals on crops makes it dangerous for human health when consume. Since this chemicals last long in the soil,it destroy soil micro organism which are very useful to the soil.  it also destroy aquatic  life when it is washed down by rain into water bodies.

Agriculture may return to native method of farming for this second reason; the lack of technical know-how in operating farm machinery. Most farm machinery are too difficult for the average Joe to operate and even the educated ones . This  special machines are operated by few specialist. Furthermore, heavy farm equipment destroy farm land through their activities by compressing the soil which result into destruction of soil structure, thus  prevent water from penetrating the soil adequately.

For the foreseeable future, Agriculture will continue to move towards advanced mechanization. However, If there will be  a time when an individual will choose to abandon technological and scientific method in solving Agricultural problem, then the above points will justify His decision.

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