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The Ravaging Torment Called Fear - Aluko Deborah

Why do many die before their death?

'Which kind of cold and sore throat is this one now?' Kingsley grumbles and lands on his mattress. He soon starts experiencing a throbbing headache and he begins to whimper like a baby. 'So...this ravaging Covid -19 virus has finally gotten hold of me, I swear I'm finished...'. Just then, his pregnant mum walks in holding a bag of groceries, the family doctor following behind. Kingsley tiredly walks into the sitting room to welcome them.

'What's the matter my dear? Don't tell me you stressed yourself at Grandpa's place. His mum asks in concern. Kingsley had spent two weeks at Grandpa's village, helping him on the farm and with sales of his products. Sometimes, they had to sleep on the farm in a wooden shed, not shielded from the chilly weather and mosquitoes. All these strenous experiences had begun to reflect on his health. Kingsley expresses his greatest fear of contacting the dreaded virus, he's been nursing this fear for the past one week and he's already getting depressed. With this, the doctor smiles and quickly carries out some tests on Kingsley with the equipments he brought along with him. After a few hours, the doctor diagnoses Kingsley of Malaria
...the boy widens his eyes and begins to laugh heartily.

Fear becomes unhealthy when it makes you more cautious than you really need to be to stay safe and when it prevents you from doing things you would otherwise enjoy.

By each iota of fear, you chicken out and lose a little strength of character each time you refuse to take a challenge of life. It could also be the fear of failure or the fear of what people think of you etc.

The side effects of fear are quite dangerous. They include the;

Use of drugs and alcohol for alcohol for artificial relief.

Loss of peace, now you think prayer's not a worth.

A source of discouragement to those around you.

Depression and Panic Attack, spelling a sense of doom.

The process of overcoming fear is known as 'FEAR EXTINCTION' and it can be achieved by doing the following;

* Taking smart precautions/personal hygiene - that's not fear, it's wisdom!

* Most times fear is an illusion, the more you understand it, the less scared you'll be.

* Have a positive and optimistic attitude to life.

* Move closer to motivational people.

* Identify that fear and communicate with your fears like a superior.
Relax n' breathe

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