BY ALUKO DEBORAH J.B  (A.K.A Pensword ✍️)

Caroline turns a deaf ear to Henry's plea, begging her to calm down. Do I really want this baby? Can I afford to raise a child now? How will this impact my life? Am I ready to be a mother? She asks herself, hot tears rolling down her cheeks. A teenage girl of nineteen, she has been head over heels in love with Henry and she won't want to break his heart by turning down his incessant requests for sex. For her, a single 'doze' of sex was no big deal and will change nothing.

However, her hopes had been dashed when she received her pregnancy test report and here is Henry suggesting an abortion. 'Listen babe, I'll foot the abortion bills and you can go on with your life like nothing ever happened! You'll become as good as a virgin'

🎤Abortion is the cessation of pregnancy or fetal development. Many teens engage in abortion because of the lingering shame, harsh criticisms and fear of dropping out of school. Also, some married women practice abortion because of the financial incapacity of their family.

However, the many side effects of pregnancy abortion, whether by the use of pills or through surgery makes this practice totally unjustifiable!

🌡️For instance, the DILATION AND EXTRACTION method of abortion is such that the cervix is dilated and the doctor clamps the baby's feet with an instrument, pulling out the child, except the head. Then, scissors is used to make hole at the back of the baby's head, a tube inserted and the contents are sunctioned out. The baby collapses and the baby is born dead. What an act of sheer wickedness and heartlessness!

🌡️An abortion victim stands the high chance of the following:
⚡Damaged uterus, bowel, bladder or cervix.
⚡Heavy bleeding and the need for an additional surgery.
⚡Inability to get pregnant in future
⚡Infections leading to incessant cramp pains, fever, body swellings and vomiting.
⚡Lifetime guilt on having truncated a precious destiny.
⚡Breach of peaceful relationship with God and loss of eternal kingdom.
🛑Ladies should try their hardest to avoid teenage and unwanted pregnancy but if it occurs;
✨Seek for wise counsel and keep your baby, you may later explore other child care options (e.g adoption)
✨Stay physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.
✨Desist from the belief that babies only become living things when they're born cuz science proves that the foetus at 2-8wks has body organs already.

Thus,  you'll receive the grace to pull through.🌷