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Progress is Not Measured by Stardom - Olalekan Olatunbosun

Progress is Not Measured by Stardom - Olalekan Olatunbosun
NNI: Can we meet you? (Personal, Education, Career-wise)

GUEST: My name is Olalekan Olatunbosun Onaopemipo, fondly referred to as Catalyst. Second of 4 Children. A native of Makun, Sagamu LGA, Ogun State. Born and bred in Lagos.
I completed my Senior Secondary School in 2011/2012. Bagged a Diploma in Public and International Relations from Olabisi Onabanjo University in 2015. I'm a graduate of Guidance and Counselling in Obafemi Awolowo University. By career, I'm a Personal Development Enthusiast, Public Speaker, Digital Marketing Strategist, and Business Development Executive.


NNI: How has your Social entrepreneurship journey been so far?

GUEST:  Well, maybe I should say it is about how well not how far. However, the parameter for measuring progress is not necessarily how much we have earned or risen to stardom. I think it is how fulfilled we have felt doing what we love doing. So, permit me to say that, my social/entrepreneurship voyage has brought me a feeling of fulfillment and life to a significant extent.

But the undeniable truth is, the journey gets tougher and sweeter.

NNI: In managing multiple businesses and initiatives as a student, how do you manage your time and balance academics and extracurricular activities?

GUEST: It's not easy I must confess. Time management is a skill that requires a lot of discipline. Managing businesses, initiatives, academics, faith and relationship is strenuous but it demands a lot of commitment. Sometimes, I feel like giving up some of these things but John Mason's words, 'The best place to start is where you are'. I just feel obliged to keep doing these things basically because I found joy in doing them.

NNI:  What is your worst business experience?

GUEST: Hmm. Worst business experience. I think that was sometime in 2016. I got a contract to make over 200 souvenirs, 3 roll-ups for a Bible conference in Ijebu Ode. I was also expected to handle the media presence of the conference online. Due to my busy schedule that period, I gave the job to one Shola at Nepa Road in Abeokuta and he really messed up with those things. It cost me my credibility to the organizer of the conference.

NNI:  Last year you organized The Catalyst Conference 1.0. What inspired and birthed your passion for the conference?

GUEST: The Catalyst Conference has been my dream since 2016. I attempted organizing it in August 2016 at the open space in the palace of Alake of Egbaland in Abeokuta but all efforts proved abortive. Three years later, I was able to achieve my dream. I used the same theme I wanted to use in 2016 last year. The theme was, 'The Youths Nigeria Deserves.'

The conference was actually borne out of the passion to reach the minds of young people and transform their consciousness for positive global influence.

NNI: On Youth Development and growth in Nigeria, do you think we are making progress?

GUEST: Well, I can't say outrightly that we are making progress or not. But I think there are many risk factors exposing us to regression in youth development and growth. It is pathetic that today, the government will rather use youths for hooliganism or the entertainment industry gives us something to nurse. Efforts are rather channeled towards fighting one-sided corruption, getting foreign loans among other anti-growth policies. Little is done to improve the lives of youth. Go and check our educational system.

I can't deny some individuals and organizations are committed to youth development in Nigeria. Ogbeni Dipo, Sunny Smart of African Youths Enterprise and others are really doing their best.


Peer influence and Social Media are two notable factors that have a great influence on youths- positive and negative. To what extent can you measure these influences?

Guest: We need no soothsayer to tell us how much these factors have influenced us. Peer pressure is almost becoming archaic. Social media is making this go worse. Cybercrime is flaunted on social media, erotic videos and lifestyles are uncensored. The influence is massive. This has been the basis of which many youths are living their lives.

NNI: You run The Learnaholics Academy.  How do you operate? Can you tell us more about the academy?

GUEST: The Learnaholics Academy is a personal and professional development-oriented institution. The academy is established as a result of cravings to raise the bar at helping people create values that will propel their personal and professional life. The Learnaholics Academy adopts both physical and electronic classroom learning mechanism to accommodate prospective students far and near.

At The Learnaholics Academy, we believe life is a continual learning exercise. Hence, we simply believe in education and information as a crucial recipe to scale new height, personally – in chosen professions. We want to help our students build enviable professional achievement, mature personality, better relationship, happiness, success, and prosperity in their endeavors.

NNI: As an inspirational speaker and life coach, what do you think fuels societal impact?

GUEST: Let me put them in three words, 'Purpose, Information, and Conviction'.

When a man finds his purpose, he can easily influence his society because his purpose will serve two main purposes, 'For the glory of God and benefit of Man'.

Information is second. When you are not informed, you will be deformed. The right information on societal needs and how to reach them will definitely fuel social impact. Lastly, the conviction is important. It is an ardent commitment and determination to raise societal values.

NNI: As it is, you manage different things? What is the fusion point between TOON (The Olalekan Olatunbosun Network), The Learnaholics Academy, Youth Empowerment and Support Initiative and your business brands itself?

GUEST: Everything here revolves around one thing... 'Growth and Development'. TOON is dealing with individuals on life demands. TLA focuses on personal and professional growth using an academic approach. YESI is reaching out to a group of people - youths, to influence them for positive global influence. My business brands still revolve around development and growths for other businesses, individuals or corporate entities.

NNI: What is your advice to fellow young individuals?

GUEST: Keeping doing what you love. It doesn't have to make sense to everybody. The vision is on tours. Keep striving. You are closer to your destination than you think.

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