These 12 things, If followed holistically, would put you on a scale of growth and upspring in your business. 

12 Things to help you Grow Your Business in 2023

Here is a list of 12 things for your business this year.

1. Be Consistent

I realized that when you are consistent at what you do, you get better and people get to know you more— your brand.

2. Cheer Yourself

There are ups and downs in business too but you cannot keep staying on your problems. You have to stand up and move on when things don’t go the way you planned.

3. Choose Collaboration Over Competition

The reason for the success of a lot of businesses has been because they have chosen to collaborate more than they have competed. It’s great to have a healthy competition— it drives sales. Collaboration on the other hands does two things— drives sales and also gets your publicity on two different networks— your own and the other company.

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4. Take up new skills for your business: it’s not enough to run a business, you should also take up new skills that your business would need like video marketing, content development, graphics designs, etc.

5. Hire more staff if you can: As the CEO, you cannot do everything yourself. You have to delegate sometimes so you don’t run down or so your consistent and you don’t affect your business.

6. Start working on taking your business bigger: You honestly should start planning how you want your business to be in the next years to come and start working towards it. In dreaming big, don’t leave dreaming big about your business out.

7. When you get an idea, do it: of course after praying about it and you’re sure you want to do it, please do it. You never can tell how well it’d grow. Also, start as small as you can or as big as you can. You don’t need to start with a billion dollars funds.

 8. Don’t just market, make sales: there’s a clear difference between sales and marketing. While the former takes in money immediately, the latter just lets people know about your business and gives them the information they need.

 9. Shake off fear: I know your dreams might be big sometimes or maybe many times but you have to go for them and shake our disbelief in yourself. It’s not from God. It’s a state of mind that restricts your productivity.

10. Maximize your network: Don’t just keep up contacts to call and chat for nothing. They should be able to help you publicize, talk to people about your business and positively help you build your brand by also patronizing.

11. Work harder: Work longer hours for your business and do the things that’d help your business grow bigger. As earlier said, get more skills, higher more staff, through out more sales driving campaigns.

12. Read more business books: No man is an island of knowledge. There are books that’d help you expand your horizon, teach you more and prepare you in that skill you have or you’re trying to improve in.