This 'N' factor has multiple meanings to every citizen around the country. This is basically because of the diverse way of life and that apparently there are different situations we find ourselves in everyday.

In this case, the Nigerian factor to me are the blames and excuses that most Nigerians give for their deliberate and unintentional failures plus indulging in self concern over public service , well it happens to the best of us. I once had a friend who hit a motorcycle with her car but afterwards put the blame on this 'Nigerian factor- ish'  I didn't care to listen to her reasons after all she would also have her own share of the blame to take but she isn't ready to accept it. It is typical.

This blame game has been on since the inception of Nigeria. Let me break this down, the masses blame the leaders for abandoning the law and being unjust to them  and the leaders then blame them for not been their agent of the basic change. Basically the faults come from both parties, cause our leaders have not been responsible and the followers do not exercise their rights.

The people have the rights to throw anyone out of leadership position however when this is done, it  still end up being the wrong choice— voting the 'better candidate' that would  also end up betraying us. This betrayal factor has disoriented the people on a long run, hence during elections, selling of votes to collect Money, Rice or Vegetable Oil will inevitably take place. One that ground, most people blame Nigerians for the miseries they found themselves in.

However, it is phenomenal to say that most Nigerians who live in abject poverty wouldn't have a cause to reject the offers, most people have existential needs they have to cater for; they have problems with what to eat, where to sleep and what to wear. If someone is hungry and is offered food in return for his vote won't he succumb. So all these boils down to the leaders who do not use the power entrusted in them to restructure the society. In addition to that, take a look at advanced countries where poverty/hunger are of little percentage. No matter how poor they are in the US, you can't see them walking Barefooted, having big stomach big heads or half unclad, so it's not like there is no poverty over there, there's poverty everywhere, it just that there are levels to this things. Hence their politicians can't entice them with Burgers or Ice cream. Consequently, until we conquer hunger, voters will continue to be lured into this impulse. All these wars our leaders were supposed to fight for us.

I really do not want this post to be based on corruption and all— we've had enough of that but then I  remember while I was in high school, we used to have this weekly debate I can't recollect the topic but the whole thing was based on Corruption. During the debate, a speaker made this statement ''I'm corrupt, you are corrupt''  It brought about a lot of noise from every corner of the hall, we were intrigued, why did he say this? what does he want to prove? Am I also corrupt?— these questions begged for answers...

He was right afterall, aren't we all guilty of corruption, from failing to obey traffic light, jumping of queue in the bank, bribery and anything else you can think of. This may be normal or minor to most people but it still doesn't change the subject. Nevertheless the professional looters (politicians) are the ones that is so evil to us. To be candid, shouldn't we share the Blame? the blame for always voting corrupt politicians into power, the blame for being too quiet for too long, we cry out to God in worship places instead of crying out to our oppressors. Everyone keep minding their own business yet we are oblivious of the fact that, there cannot be personal salvation in the midst of collective damnation!

We can continue on and on but the underlying fact is that our leaders are not responsible. They have turned government institutions into profit oriented investments. They turned government affairs to Businesses. Don't even talk about our Judicial system it's another discussion for another good day! They are unconcerned about the welfare of the masses, rather they run after their own bellies. They quenched every bit of chauvinism in us. it's not a big deal if you are a Nigerian! No patriotism. We have nothing to be proud of. Besides do the people still believe in the 'Nigerian nation' I have been challenged by the fact that  the government is an extension of our filthy society after all every public officer comes from that  primary cause: Family. Well, that is a very sad excuse while it might be partly true because we have our own shortcomings  but everyone is responsible for their failure, although the society  might have impact on you, it's still left for you to  determine the values you want to hold on to.

In a nutshell, leadership reflects followership, everyone of us has a role to play.  Leadership shapes followership and our leaders have a major impact to play and not put blames on the masses rather they should save the people from themselves, not sink them deeper into corrupt situations. They should lead by example and watch the blame shift drastically. However, without this popular JFK saying I wouldn't be fulfilled with this post — ''ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"

On this note, I'd  like to appease Nigerians not to give up. It's too late, it's too early. Why would you even think about giving up in the first place, she's all you've got! I wouldn't preach about change to you here. Nonetheless, you just have to believe 'cause, If not us, who? If not now, when?