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Because of my Past, People see me as Imperfect - Fatoye Temitope

Because of my Past, People see me as Imperfect - Fatoye Temitope Oluwaseun shares her story and how the GPYP Vision was birthed
Fatoye Temitope, a recent graduate of the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University, shares her story and her call to give hope to individuals who have a hurting past. in this interview with NELOC News International, she describes the positions of perfection and imperfection.

NNI: Can we meet you? Guest: I am Fatoye Temitope Seun and I am the visionary of Getting Past Your Past Magazine. I am from Osun State, and a Law Graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University.
NNI: What is GPYP all about?
Guest: GPYP is an organization called to show God's Love to the brokenhearted. We have been called to show that out of the Broken pieces of your life, the Lord can make an edifice of hope through using the non fictional stories of people who have been in one mess or the other and how they were able to get  a message out of it.

Getting Past Your Past Magazine - Fatoye Temitope

NNI: How has managing GPYP been since inception?
Although GPYP is still young - about 1 year plus, it has been sweet so far because I just see myself as a mighty tool in God's hands. I do what he wants me to do concerning GPYP. All the managerial instructions comes from Him. I only do what he has concluded.  

NNI: What has been your greatest challenge?
I had the greatest challenge when preparing for the conference. The challenge came up due to funds until when I got the wisdom (from my mentor) on how to get funds for God ordained programmes.

NNI: Being a student, how have you combined studies with ministry?
Guest: God has helped me by providing strength when I feel so tired and weak. Apart from that, there is wisdom in planning my day and my time. So ministry never disturbed my studies nor my studies affect ministry.

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NNI: What is your general view on Sexual Abuse in the society?
Guest: Sexual abuse is a bad omen for any society where it prevails. Every one of us need to stand up against it with everything we've got. We also need to stand by the victims and help them out of the trauma. Let's Join Hands to fight against Sexual Abuse in our society.

NNI: How well has GPYP helped the society?
GPYP has helped the society in different areas.
1. Making people who have been victims of circumstances (abuse, mistakes) in the past or still going through them see more to themselves (by making them see Hope in Christ) using the stories of people who had gone through same and the steps they took in getting past it. This is done by the Mess and Message segment of the magazine.

2. We have been able to counsel so many people on how to get out of the bondage of the past and we have exposed them to the healing processes. 

NNI: What are your regrets?
My regret is that I yielded late to the call and passion to Start Getting Past your past magazine.

NNI: Funding for Organisations is usually a problem. How have you managed funds as an organisation?
Concerning funds, it has always been done by faith and prayers to see where the resources are. Apart from Faith, personal funds, gifts from my parents and seeds from friends and readers of the magazine have also helped in funding the organization.

NNI: Earlier this year, you organised your debut superb conference, inviting many big names. How were you able to pull through?
Hmm.. All I can say is God. He made the conference a success with the gift of men He gave unto me. The conference happened just like a surprise. I am still surprised the Conference held. To be candid, a day before the conference we were about cancelling it but God surprised I and my team

NNI: What do you think of team management?
Actually, Team Management is difficult because you have to make your members see what you see. You have to make your team know that you are all together in "this" course and make them do the task they are given... It's a great task but with God's wisdom, prayers (putting their hearts into God's hands), showing them love and reminding them about what they have been called into, it becomes easier.
Olayode Juliana at GDYP Conference

NNI: How has your past affected your current relationships with people? 
Guest: My past has affected my relationship with people positively due to the fact that after making people know about my past, they now see me as someone who is not perfect like them, someone who has also gone through what they are going through or they have gone through. So, they tend to come to me, open up and seek counsel without being ashamed. My past has also helped me to love people more and see beyond their actions or attitudes.
Obioma Adetola Onibata at GDYP Conference

NNI: What advice will you give to other similar organisations and the public? 
Guest: My advice to similar organisations is to never relent in their course. Many lives depend on us so, let's join hands.  To the public,  "Don't be ashamed to open up and seek counsel about what you are going through, We are here for You. Don't die in silence. Speak out!"

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  1. Nice read! Well-done guys here!
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