Dellasdiary set to host Children Christmas Party

It is that season of the year with high expectations from all and sundry. The mixed feeling of economic issues and yet, the need to enjoy the festivities give rise to many outdoor and fun events. Children, especially the less privileged, are not left out as they find a major place in these events. It is in the light of this that the Dellasdiary Movement is set to host a Children Christmas Party.

The Dellasdiary Movement is a Non-Governmental Organisation that focuses on less privileged children and individuals in the society.

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The Children Christmas Party is a yearly programme of the Dellasdiary Movement where less privileged children are gathered to mingle and celebrate the end of the year. The children are also encouraged, advised and prayed with for the coming year and the future.

According to the organisation's public media release, this is the fourth edition of the children's party. Over the years, the Christmas party has received over 1000 children in attendance.
The theme for this year is: Love and Hope. It seeks to resonate in the heart of the children and attendees, a feeling of love as well as hope for the coming year and the future. 

The Children Christmas Party is scheduled to hold on the 23rd of December, 2019 in Lagos State, Nigeria.

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