I met this youngster after a hectic day in school at the domitory, her head buried in her books. Suddenly she screams out, 'what kinda life is this? Who created education in the first place? My mates are out there in the entertainment world making a name and doing other profitable things and I die here in the name of school!' Trying to interrupt her outburst, she quickly added, 'Saddest part is that they end up earning more than we ever could dream of.'
At this point, I needed to disabuse her mindset.

It's actually true that there's a life after school and the present labour market in the country places higher value on your skills and intellectual involvements over grades.

However, the benefits of formal education is glaring unless you choose to shut your eyes at it. it helps you to discover yourself and pursue your passion.

Knowledge they say is power, formal education gives you an edge over those that couldn't pay the price of education because now you're properly informed and knowledgeable. That alone is a foundation on which you can build your mansion of passion.

Education also helps to shapen your time management, social and organizational skills as well as your opinions and perspective. Schooling itself is a ground for networking and improvement. You will only say schooling is a scam if you have only passed through the school without the school passing through you. There are lot of extracurricular activities you can engage in at no cost which can help you prepare for the labour market. If you still think formal education is a scam, then I'm afraid you are the one scamming yourself.

Going through schooling is tough but invaluable. Don't sell yourself short if you ever get the chance to attend!
To pay the price of ignorance...? Ask a pageant manager who was denied her right of making it to the international level with her girl and still could not recover due to stunted knowledge as a drop - out from school.