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In this season I have being building myself in all spheres in a bid to ensure that none of the abilities I have die without been utilized. This build up came as a result of me re-discovering my value to the world; my contribution and usefulness to my environment and the world at large. Understanding this is what results in growing a good self esteem

Self-esteem is drawn out of your self concept. It is a picture of you before you.
Your self esteem is drawn out of the discovery of the value placed upon you by your creator. Do you know that your behaviour, language use, and your choices in life spring out of the value you place upon yourself? Do you know that you see your friends and your environment based on the value you place on yourself? Those things you let go came out of your impression of you? You gave up on those projects because you did not know that you are of a very high importance to the world. You allowed a lot to just go by because you did not recognize that only you can do it like you in that capacity or area of living. Until you know your value tag, you might just lay there becoming impact less and it is worthy to note that no one is created to die impactless, no one!
 Where do you draw the picture of your value from? From your parent or from friends? The rightest place to get the picture of your value is from God your creator. The value God places on you is the value you should place on yourself at all times. The creator, God, created us all to dominate and fill the earth that is what your value should be like. To dominate! To be success. All that our creator has in mind is in the positive. With this view of life, we can see that we are important.

So when you we see that we are the best of our kind we would be able to contribute to our environment and ensure that the gifts in us is used to influence the world. It helps you to love yourself the way you are with the mindset of bettering yourself everyday. The understanding of your self esteem would also help you to have a purpose for living. Your purpose for living would then be worth dying for. Anything you're currently living for that you cannot die for is not worth it at all. Your purpose will picture your self esteem.

Your purpose could actually be to solve the issue of unemployment in Africa. You could desire to achieve this by being an entrepreneur with the desire to employ people in different works of life. You take different steps to the achievement of this seriously because you believe 'in your world' that if you don't do it no one else can do it and you understand that no one else can do it the way that you'll do it. Your decision to do this springs forth from the understanding that you have a crucial part to play in this world and it is only you that is like you.

One great thing that a good self esteem does to you is that it helps you to see others in the very way you see yourself. So when a man screams down on people at his work place or scared them away from his environment it is because of a particular way he views himself and he feels everyone views him that way also. He values himself lowly (Low self esteem) therefore he can't value those in his environment any better or he might just value himself more highly than those in his environment because he doesn't understand that the nest person is just like him (superiority complex). Any of these (Superiority or inferiority complex) would make you less productive in all that you ought to do.

Lastly, the value you place on a substance result in its usage. The value you place on yourself has a way to help to change the world because you would allow yourself to be grown or left useless, you would be more conscious of all that you do with every opportunity that comes your way. You value you, you value me.


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