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Ifelaw Bags Best Faculty Award, Scoops 15 Individual Categories

Ifelaw Bags Best Faculty Award, Scoops 15 Individual Categories
Ifelaw Bags Best Faculty Award, Scoops 15 Individual Categories

The Law Students' Society, O. A. U had overtime shown spirit of excellence in all spheres . In the same bend, on the 2nd of August 2018, the IFELAW Society has it is fondly called, proved that once again.

Observant minds would  agree that the university  community has  been flurried for some weeks now due to the just concluded OAU AWARDS hosted by HOTINC. The nominees of several categories having gone through  several voting processes ranging from  online votings to the offline  balloting.

This year, IFELAW had in record peck of her members  nominated for different categories and also Faculty of  Law  nominated under the  "BEST FACULTY" category.
Interesting  to record that the "Outstanding  Faculty President"  category  was also clinched by the president  of the Law Students' Society, Mr Adedigba Daniel.

Law students, in their usual spirit of unity supported all the nominees from the faculty in all the voting processes and even came out en masse on the day of the award to elicit optimal  support  and motivation.

FACULTY OF LAW WON "THE BEST FACULTY" and  14 individual  categories  were won by the law students nomimees.

Categories such as: 

  • Law - Best Faculty
  • Prima Strata - Best Club
  • Adedigba Daniel Cortez - Outstanding President
  • Easy man  - Most Influential Male
  • G1 - Political Icon
  • Koye LAdele Mofehintoluwa - Best Writer
  • Abass Oyeyemi (Bazzman) - Student Blogger
  • Frizzy - Student Poet
  • Dj Miles - Best DJ
  • Alaska - Best Clothier
  • Anu - Face of OAU female
  • Lexy - Most Fashionable Male
  • Amupitan Caleb - Best Class Governor
  • Rotimi - Best Comedian
  • Gambit - Rookie Male
  • Alphaglam - Best make-up  Artist 

After accomplishing such a feat, what comes next is celebration from all law students.We feel elated as we celebrate with those who went forward and made us proud, we are inspirted with the sensation of unity and oneness and we feel the pride of  belonging to IFELAW.

Once again,  we say huge  congratulations to all the winners. GOD BLESS IFELAW.

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