I Have Learnt From Every Challenge - Abayomi Adeola

Della, life coach and entrepreneur shares her story with us. Let's walk the talk.

NNI: Can we meet you?
Della: I'm Abayomi Adeola Tolulope. I'm a law student, blogger, entrepreneur, teens coach and humanitarian.

NNI: Could you tell us more about your brand, My Fine Wears?
Della: My Fine Wears is
a brand that stands for a fashion store that is concerned about how people (with no age or sex limit) look in all affordability.
abayomi adeola della
NNI: How challenging is running a business amongst other things?
Guest: Well, very challenging. But because, I've learned from every challenge, it makes the journey more interesting and helps my focus.

NNI: What motivation drives your businesses
Guest: I tell people that the big picture I have for my business, keeps me going. That's my driving force. Until I get there, there's no giving up.
NNI: Do you intend to practice Law or go the business way?
Guest: Both. I'm going both ways powerfully. They both cannot be a waste for my future. Law is my passion and it has every alignment with my purpose and so is Entrepreneurship.
NNI: A lot on your hands there, and still a student? How do you manage all of these?
Della: I just plan my time deliberately and I discipline myself to follow it squarely.

NNI: What's your view on advertising?
Guest: Advertising plays a vital role in promoting a business and could be cheap or expensive too. Either ways, calculated risks should be taken. Its worth it if its going to promote the business.

NNI: What do you think is the future of the fashion industry in Nigeria? Plus what sustainable advice do you have for studentpreneurs, fashion entrepreneurs and business men/women?
Guest: The future of the Fashion industry in Nigeria is comprehensively a growing one. Everyday, things come and on in vogue and I think in the future, we should be able to boast of international set up brands even from Nigeria.
My advice to fashion entrepreneurs is to be innovative and creative with it because whatever stands them out, can never be taken from them. I advice every other student entrepreneur like me to trust the process. It might not be so easy or smooth but focusing on tomorrow makes the journey smoother.

NNI: What do you for see in the future for My Fine Wears?
Della: A whole lot that words cannot describe yet. Basically, we want to satisfy every need in fashion in our best way. My Fine Wears is becoming more than a brand.

NNI: Thank you for having us.
Guest: Oh. The pleasure is mine.😊

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