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Top 5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make in 2023

There are many mistakes entrepreneurs make especially when they're just starting or even along the line of the business and I've ran up to 5 businesses over the years and for some of those mistakes, I've made them too. Let's drive!

1. Creating a website too early.

Creating a website for your business is good but for a start, you shouldn't be thinking about that. We all know the cruel amount it is to create one and if that money is invested more into growing your business, it'd serve you better than creating a website to 'level up' your brand. Yes, level up is quoted because that's what they say but trust me, I'm also a blogger and I know what it means to get ordinary traffic on a blog, let alone a site. Let that come later! Focus on your business!

2. They want easy life with an every minute popping alert. Well, we all have that dream. We want to get alerts every minute but c'mon, you can't get that by staying at your comfort zone. You need to wake up and start rigorous study, meeting people, attending seminars that'd promote your business, go for trade fairs and work very hard in advertising your business. You of course cannot do that by sitting and chatting all day long. Go and check those on the Forbes list!

3. They are not time conscious. 

As much as they claim to be busy, they're are not time conscious. Over the years I've learnt of and worked with time. And I'm intentional about it. If you really want to move forward in entrepreneurship, you have to be time conscious and work the while with your time. You must have heard people say "Oh. I've been busy." Or "I don't just have time". That's the spirit. As an entrepreneur, you stop having time for frivolities. You stop unnecessary gists, talks, parties, turn-ups, etc. The only thing that runs through your mind becomes your business. Even in that light, never lose your friendship with people. That'd take us to our next point.

4. They start losing friends all in the name of 'I'm busy'. I know you're not obligated to anyone. At least, you're just friends. But then, if you're in business already, you'd realize most people who recommend or refer your product or service, are your friends. No other person can fill up the 'space of recommendation' in your business. Hold friendships precious but like me, don't get too committed to them except you're in a relationship with an understanding person (well, like me too. Lol). Enjoy friendships. Check up on your friends once in a while when you're just peep-chanced.

5. The last but the greatest- Giving in and giving up. If you ever want to be successful in this life, you need to be stubborn, strong and rugged. You heard me right. Stubborn that you set your heart to something and without listening to anyone or looking back, you're off to doing it. You don't care! Right, that's the spirit! Strong that you might fall on your way but  that thing go make you stand again. Kai! That strength is what makes you an entrepreneur. Rugged that you can do anything to watch your business grow and you can do anything to increase your account figures.

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