1. Can we meet you?

Guest: Hello. My name is Temitope Ogundare. A graduate of the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University. I was born into a Christian family of four, I have just one sibling. I usually don't know how to answer this question.

2. Why did you choose to study Law ?

Guest: It's funny that I never saw myself studying law. Although I grew up in the dispensation where parents want their wards to be  lawyers and doctors, mine was different. My parent did not compel me to study law. I was in Art class in secondary school, so it just made sense to study law for two reasons. one, law is a professional course and secondly, it was the only "make sense" course in arts class as at then. Basically, I also wanted to enjoy the cruise of being called or referred to as "The Law". That was why I studied Law.

3. What's the story behind the name T-SWAGGS ?

Guest: I earned the name long before I became a DJ and it all started in my  part one days. I think I should mention at this point that I have an elder brother who also studied Law here in OAU. He was like a guide when I came in. He was quite popular because he is a fine boy and dresses well. So before I came in, he was already grooming me on how to dress well. And because I was all always "swagged up" everywhere I go,both within and outside the faculty. So people started calling me "T swagger" or "T swaggu", sometimes "swaggu dripping" etc. So I settled for T Swaggs and that was how I got the name.

4. What are Your strengths and weaknesses?

DJ T-Swaggs: Strengths... Hmm that's relative but I really know how to cook. As for weakness, I hate competition. I am very lazy especially when it comes to studying

INTERVIEWER: Considering the fact that life itself is competitive, how have you been able to withstand competitions around?

DJ T-Swaggs: Working at my own pace! "make i no go do pass myself" lol"

INTERVIEWER: DJ Tswags has been a very popular name on OAU campus.
What prompted you to venture into Disc Jockey?

DJ T-Swaggs: My passion for music, that has been the driving force since day one.

INTERVIEWER: How did it start and when did u start the entertainment business?

DJ T-Swaggs: It's a funny story though, I started with zero naira in the account. I did not have a personal laptop not to talk of turn tables. My phone was my first hard drive, so I usually borrow laptop, connect my phone, load up my songs and play.

INTERVIEWER: Has there been sad tales ever since you started? Can you share some?

DJ T-Swaggs: When I started no one knew me or was willing to give me a chance, so it was really hard to gain recognition. Lol, lots of sad tales. Like I said earlier, gaining recognition was hard. I did pro Bono gigs for a long time and I was soon known as "Dj Pro Bono", that is, free jobs.
It wasn't about the money initially, so it was really tough but I thank God for  it has paid off eventually.

INTERVIEWER: Can you share your happiest moment as a DJ?

DJ T-Swaggs: When DMW approached me with a deal after an event at Amphitheater.


DJ T-Swaggs: Davido Music Worldwide

INTERVIEWER: As a fresh law graduate that would be proceeding to law school soon, do you intend practicing at all or you have other plans?

DJ T-Swaggs: Law school is a definite yes! Practicing or not, I've not  decided yet.

INTERVIEWER: Considering the fact that Law School is a business on its own, how do you plan on moving further with your entertainment business?

DJ T-Swaggs: Business would be on hold during this period

INTERVIEWER: And you don't see it as setback?

DJ T-Swaggs: Not exactly, I see it as a little sacrifice to achieve something substantial which is to be called to the Nigerian bar

INTERVIEWER: The setbacks you've witnessed too, how did u handle them.

DJ T-Swaggs: Got up, moved on and forged ahead

INTERVIEWER: It couldn't have been easy combining LAW and Disc Jockey, how did you scale through?

DJ T-Swaggs: God's grace, it was hell. Having to be up all night at gigs and still making it for class in the morning, I hardly slept most times.

INTERVIEWER: We thank God for His grace then. Considering the fact that youths are moving faster in entrepreneurship, what's your take on youth leadership? Is it worthwhile?

DJ T-Swaggs: I'm in total support of the youth leadership movement. I believe we need to inject new blood into the system, flush out the old and aged ones and give room for the younger and more vibrant ones.

INTERVIEWER: Can you give us ways in which this can happen? Steps to take?

DJ T-Swaggs: Truth is I'm not so politically inclined, those that know me pretty well know that when it comes to politics, it's a no no for me, I don't think I could tell the steps to take or ways in which that can be achieved

INTERVIEWER: Thank you very much. Definitely, complaints must have come up as per your services, how were you able to handle them?

DJ T-Swaggs: To be honest, to the glory of God no one has complained, at least not to my face

INTERVIEWER: Finally, what are your words of advice for Junior colleagues?

DJ T-Swaggs: Be yourself, have fun while you can, don't forget to study. Live campus life to its fullest... Because you might not get such opportunity again.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you so much for the time spared. It's been interesting. We wish you success in all your future endeavours.