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                           THE PREVAILING PATH: its pain, its gain.

       A hot day it was as he sat under the shades of a tree tapping to the whiz of the dancing breeze. He sat watching the leafs around him play with themselves as the air tossed them round like its playmate. Suddenly, he doused in thought, taking a ride through the ambits of his mind; overwhelmed by the tune of reality, he chose to undertake an escapade with the pen. Thus, he writes.

      It had never been a smooth path, factually it would never be a smooth path. A young boy driven by the quest to succeed is engulfed in the capsules of thorns as he makes an attempt to scrabble through the rages of life. “MAY YOUR ROAD BE ROUGH” he remembered were the words of a jurist while he grew. Taking an in depth of those words remained of disgust to him as he placed them as vain roots while he climbed the ladder of youthful evolution. He began his quest seeking for success at the peak of comfort, however the thorns of life remained as sharp as ever. “I want to be the best, I strongly desire to succeed” those where his anthem, he never knew the road would be untarred.

      The hate doubled, the detest tripled, Of course his priority became the seed of anguish in the garden of his peers. A youth he was, however he fell into pain and worries as tears became his friend. He had to pay the price for success, it was never his fault as the order of nature had to take its course. The road became more beautified by gallops as the Joseph he never desired, he had to become. “I DO NOT PRAY FOR AN EASY LIFE, BUT I PRAY FOR THE STRENGTH TO ENDURE THE DIFFICULT ONE”, Those were the words of MOHAMMED ALI as they strolled through his growing mind. He had to overlook the pain, he had to face the gain. The years took a journey as they continued to go by. He had gotten the confidence as he buried the cost involved. The passion for what he desired had become his spectacles, they were the eyes he used in seeing. The love had suddenly increased as his friends began to multiply, he smiled to himself knowing it was the pattern of life.

       I  looked up into the sky, staring at the birds as they dominated their territory, I rolled my eyes over my huge edifice, the most successful man in my state I had become.  A sigh of relieve I gave as I dropped my pen, I had written a little of my life experience. I thought of what to name my short piece, an idea popped up in my mind; I looked down , I finally scribbled “THE PREVAILING PATHWAY”.

A 300 Level student of the faculty of law
Obafemi Awolowo University.

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  1. Hmmmmmmm. Nicely written
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