By Omole Isaac Adeonipekun

I have examined with keen attention the "wahala" between the Speaker of OAU Students' union and the President of the union. The simple truth is both persona are actors in a movie that seems to get interestingly interesting day-in-day-out. It will be my pleasure to then analyze analytically and technically the issue between the President and the speaker.

We would recall that OAU Students' union elections came up 3/4 months ago. From the  facts at my disposal Mr Temitope a.k.a Tbamz was part of those persons that preached the gospel of Dr IBK in the Faculty of Administration - he was also renowned to have supported Emerald too in his faculty as against his faculty-mate, Annadiva. We did hear that Mr IBK promised to support Mr Temitope for Speaker of the Union's parliament.

Dr Ibk won the election as we all know and Mr Temitope from Accounting department was instrumental as regards his victory in  the Faculty of administration.
To keep his own part of the bargain, IBK and his political dads did ensure they sealed Tbamz victory at the in-house elections of Parliamentarians-They threw their weight behind him powerfully.
As at that point in time, the Speaker of the parliament and the Union's President were great padis.

The question above is a  "one million naira" one as it is "multi-faceted" and multi-dimensional.
In truth and as a matter of factual reality, IBK and Tbamz were padis but before the end of last semester, they seemed to be dragging issues with each other.

In the first sitting for this semester, I noticed that certain Honorables moved Motion for adjournment of sitting/plenary and DR IBK was said to have opined that the sitting be postponed because he had an in-course or something of such. That seemed weird and had elements of less-sagacity on the part of the President, his vice  could have just stood in his place. Oh lest I forget, he doesn't even trust his vice too much, he has the view cum fear that the lady is eyeing his position.

It was learnt that Mr President went to the DSA without the knowledge of his fellow CEC members and the house in pursuit of collecting close to 12 million union dues backlog for the purchase of buses and this did vex the speaker.

The most dramatic of them all was the sitting were committees were constituted and the Judicial Council-that was technically the last straw that broke the camel's back.

This is the most laughable part of the story and perhaps the crux of the issue. Let me relay it narratively in subsequent paragraphs.

Akinteye Ife, a part 5 law student is a friend to Dr Ibk, the President and a close friend to the Union's PRO too. He did support Dr IBK during the last Union elections in fact against his class mate, Ibiyemi. The reasons we adduce to that decision of his is that , a. He is Ibk's friend;b. His padi, Oyewale Faith(a law student) is said to be Dr Ibk's cousin;c. LSS elections, Ibiyemi was supporting the candidate that went against Ifeteye's candidate, literally they belonged to different camps.
Akinteye Ife supported IBK with his life and Ibk did win the election but lost the Faculty of law, Ifeteye's constituency.

To reward his loyalty, he was promised the position of Lord Chancellor of the Judicial Council. From rumors emanating from different angles, Ifeteye had occupied the office of the Lord Chancellor even before he was nominated and had put some minor touch to the Lord Chancellor office at SUB.
Ironically, The Speaker and the President fell out because the speaker wanted a certain 30percent of  Judicial council members and certain statutory committees but the President selfishly wanted to have all of them 100percent just like "Oliver twist"  but the speaker was smarter.
On the day, the Judicial Council was constituted, Ifeteye wasn't nominated, not to talk of being the Lord Chancellor - he suffered for the sin(s) of his padi,eeyah!!!
Another law student emerged the Lord Chancellor, Mr Kayode, and Ibk and his permutations for council and committee membership was deleted from the equation.
Though currently, Ibk has been giving the current Lord Chancellor problems and in fact overstepping his bounds.

Mr President is afraid he might be axed from office by the speaker because the speaker has a good relationship with Emerald the union VP. He feels the lady is eyeing his office and may do anything to impeach him.
In the last sitting, one in which correspondences were written against the president, many persons felt the President will be suspended, but he still has a chance to defend himself in the next sitting.

The congress which held on Thursday, June 8th, 2017 was one that was  "interesting".
In the early stages of the congress, the Congress was quite scanty...
But the best part of the congress was when the petition for the dissolution of the judicial Council and standing committees were presented. The petition was signed by 61 Parliamentarians.
However, some of the Honorables (who allegedly signed the petition) claimed they were oblivious of the petition and some claimed they signed it cos they weren't satisfied with the constitution of the Judicial Council and committees.
One scene that did light up the atmosphere was when One Petkoff from the department of Philosophy(though, he is known to be Dr IBK's loyalists) gave the submission that the Judicial  Council and standing committees be dissolved and the Speaker be impeached/removed . The congress then suffered disruptions and interruptions, so it couldn't continue smoothly. The President (Congress moderator) then claimed that Petkoff submission is a standing one and it has been adopted as the resolution of the congress ; The weird thing is why will one person's submission be the "resolution of the majority", ludicrous, isn't it?

Some persons loyal to the President claimed that based on Petkoff's submission, the judicial Council and committees have been dissolved, and the speaker suspended - That's the most "ridiculous" thing I have ever heard. Now I remember, the Deputy Speaker is Dr IBk's loyalist and permutations made him emerge as Deputy Speaker cos the best person for that position in line with in-house manifesto conducted for the house leadership election is Hon. Leveller. So, by now, I believe he would be seeing himself as the speaker.... Hmmm.... What a small world!!!

As far as I am concerned and maybe some clear-headed individuals, the congress of June 8th was a sham - The committees and Judicial Council still remain intact and standing! Mr Temitope is still the speaker and if they really do want to remove him, "they" should go and study the constitution well.
I am still shocked that because of one man(Ifeteye) and a few persons he promised committee membership, the President wants to dissolve the Judicial Council and committee - That act is close to an act of folly and most likely  abuse of powers, more like chasing the wind...

I opine that the President should  not prepare the plans for his own "fall". First, it was Division in his executive council,another was his disgraceful act at Anglo-moz in early may, let me even mention the rumor that he is not in good terms with his next in command, now he has put his legs in the same trousers as "Mr Speaker".

As much as I would love to watch this drama, I feel it may end "tragically"...
I think the President should set things right, put his house in order. I advise that the speaker too do the right things.
One thing I know is that there is more chapters to this story and the ball is in their courts to end the story now or allow it to proceed to the next level.
And if the President is not careful, he might be put against the run of play.
For now, I want to sit, relax, and enjoy the drama unfolding before us..
On a final note, "Let the President continue 'Presiding' and the Speaker continue 'Speaking' "... 


Omole Isaac Adeonipekun (O'Zik) is a student of the Faculty of law, a Journalist, an editor, an analyst, and a social commentator. You can reach him via [email protected]

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