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She wasn’t frightened. She was not all right either. Everything around her seemed relatively strange. 

Am I a stranger in a strange world, trying to fit in? If I try to do this, wouldn’t I be going off the track my parents expressly laid down its direction? I want to do this. At least for me to even be in this hall after the end of the normal programmes, that means I really want this. What if someone sees me? Well the light is off and I should be able to participate unseen. But was I brought up like this? I want to do this! I’ve said no to two guys already. Will I still say no to the to-be third person? Surely, I know they will keep on coming. Just like squirrels keep coming to a productive farmland, they will keep on coming to feel some sensitive parts of my body. I can’t believe I’ve only been watching the display for more than ten minutes now. Surely three options are available for me: first, to go home and relax; second, to stay and join them in the display, the fun; or to just stay here as I am now and painfully enjoy the bizarre display.

Out of these three options, the first is the best, just that my body won’t let go of my spirit. The second is what I want, what I feel like doing. I want to do this! But what in the world is holding me back? Why can’t I just join them once and for all? This is my first opportunity and probably the last. I think I know what is holding me back. These impediments include my background; my simplicity; my naiveness; and most importantly I’m from a zealous Christian family. This must surely be devil at work here. Satan is currently tempting me. But I want to do this! I want this!
She thought, totally confused. A giggle from some of the freshers taking a break from the display jerked her out of the puzzling thought. She looked at them with a forced smile and comported herself.
The thought continued. But how will I showcase my talent in this display? Can I actually fit in and have people’s eyes staring at me with admiration? This is all my parents’ fault. 24/7 if I don’t have something educative, religious, and likes to do, I dare not go outside our compound. Only my church brethren are allowed to visit me frequently. My friends are specially selected for me. Two of the criteria among others for the selection are decency and coming from a dedicated Christian background. Little wonder I’m so naive, so inexperience. My attire! It wouldn’t have been funny. All the way, thank God for my roommates who added relatively to my dressings and make-ups, I wondered how I would have looked today. Maybe my horrible dressing would have made me the cynosure of all eyes. Thanks to Adesewa. I remember my secondary school days, days of consecration. I remember school mates gossiping about me, about my dressings, about my fanaticism, about my rehearsed humility among others. Gone were those days. At least with the few weeks I’ve spent on this freedom land, my life has really been changing, changing for better, I think. This will surely be the apex, the zenith of the process of attaining civilisation. To my dressings and make-ups, within these few weeks, my roommates have added new touches. If I partake in this, in this “devilish” act, cessation will surely come to my religion life. But I still want to do this.
“What’s up young lady?” the racy and charming voice of a tall dark handsome guy jolted her out of her world. She looked up at the imposing figure standing in front of her. 
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. It was Francis, LLB part three. “I’m good, young man,”she replied rather humorously.
Francis was a part 3 law student. He was a part of the orientation committee for the freshers, screening sub-committee precisely. During the screening exercise, she was directed to him to help her arrange her files for submission to the faculty secretary. He was a gentle and easy going man, a man full of life, having no worries. His assistance to her during the exercise, to her, was immeasurable. He took her screening exercise personal. He helped her print the necessary documents that she didn’t know was part of the required documents to be submitted. By that, they’ve become friends, though not that close.
“I’ve been watching you for the past 30 minutes. You’re just seated here, watching. Why aren’t you enjoying yourself?” he asked.
“Nothing. I’m okay like this.” Obviously she was not okay and he knew. “You’ve been doing excellently well. I was even surprised that cool gentle Francis can get people’s attention when it comes to this.”
“Melo Melo ru e lati se,” he commented and she chuckled. Apart from been gentle, he was also a funny guy. Whenever he was praised for anything these days, he simply replied by picking a phrase from Olamide’s recently released song, “Melo Melo”. “Will you join me to make the world go wide?” he stretched forth his hand like a bridegroom who wanted to show off his bride to the whole world.
“No No No,” she instantly replied like someone who was stung by a giant ant. “I don’t want to. I’m okay like this.”
“It doesn’t mean anything nao,” he was partially disappointed. He came to her with the pure intention of rescuing her from her world of boredom. It was her world; it was her choice.
After a short futile persuasion, he found his way back to the world he was coming from. She was alone again, back to her incomprehensible world.
But why? Why didn’t I follow him? Those two guys that came to me earlier were strangers, though I’ve seen them somewhere in the faculty before. This is Francis, my little hero. Why can’t I just have some fun with someone I know? Why? Why am I even seated here if I don’t want this? I could have been in academics reading, in my room cooking or on my warm bed sleeping. I just hope Francis is not offended by my innocuous action. I just hope he understands.
She looked around obviously confused and envious. She saw a guy and a lady going out with the guy’s left hand around the lady, deeply locked up in another world. She searched for Francis but he was nowhere to be found anymore. She saw someone beckoning at her. It was Catherine, one of her roommates that followed her to celebrate this event. She shook her head in disapproval. Catherine simply smirked and continued to enjoy the moment. Everywhere was blooming. Everyone looked free for the moment, nothing to worry about. They have no worries about the past or the future, what they all cared about was the present. They looked so free from science, academics, depressing things going on around the world, free from the complexity of their life and most importantly, free from their beliefs. 
Her eyes continued to search for nothing in particular. 
This DJ, DJ T-Swaggs is really killing the beat. No dulling moment at all. Everything here is just irresistible. What should I do? Should I join them or take my purse and walk away? I think I’ll follow the latter option. Or what is the joy in just watching and not partaking.
Apparently determined, she picked up her purse and slowly moves towards the exit. As she was about to step out, she was startled with another charming voice but a calm one.
“Hi.” She took a step back and faced the intruder and obstructor. Oh my God! He is handsome. She didn’t remember ever meeting him before. He was a complete stranger to her. Nevertheless, he was handsome and well dressed.
“What’s up Mary?” he even knew her name. “I just came in and I feel like having some fun before leaving. Will you please?”
His hands pointed towards the direction of the centre of the hall. She wanted to resist him, to resist the urge but she couldn’t just do it. For her to have won the battle against Francis, resisting this stranger standing in front of her shouldn’t take a second. But the urge was too much and he was just too irresistible.
“No problem. Let’s go the dance floor. After all, it’s freshers’ party.” He was Jeffery, a fresher.

Written by OLABODE Oladapo Samuel (The Smiling Man)

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