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[SHORT STORY] A Glimmer of Hope-What future?

In the solitude of his study, Femi buried his head in his table thinking of the disappointment of the last university admission exercise. During these past couple of weeks, Femi had been emotionally down, this was his third attempt trying to gain admission into the university. Failing to gain admission this time surely made admission hopes very capricious, maybe even dead to him. Femi was very passionate about human lives, so he wanted to become a surgeon, but he is feeling very frustrated about his failure to secure admission. It was not that he did not have the intellects to gain admission but the admission was just not forthcoming.

A month later, Femi no longer took into cognizance his inability to gain admission into the university. He braced up to life's challenges, resolving that if university education was not for him he would find something else that would seize his passion-even though to study surgery was his ardent passion. Femi then went into learning fashion designing. The initial weeks were never moments to reminiscence on. He was sent on errands very regularly-both relevant and irrelevant ones. Time which should have been spent on knowing the nitty-gritty of fashion designing was always wasted by his master, steadily sending him on useless errands when an important phase of work is to be carried out. Femi could recall one particular day. He got to his workplace at 8:05am in the morning, got everything set for the day's job. Things went on as they should not until when it was time to cut into shape a customer's dress-which was a crucial stage in the work process, Femi had never known how to cut a dress into shape but he expected to have a knowledge of that in that day. But to his surprise, his master ordered him to clean a shoe which he was to wear next week and take it to the cobbler's place(which was a 30min journey on foot) for polishing, that way he would never be able to grasp the act of cutting a dress into shape. Femi was not only highly frustrated and devastated but also speechless, he wondered what life had in store for him.

That day on his way home, Femi stumbled upon something that accounted for a major turn around in his life. Some distance before getting home, he eyes stumbled on a billboard advert with the theme, “Don’t you ever abandon your passion, it’s your power.” This advert got his head thinking. Resolved, he put his work disappointments into his subconscious, braced up and registered for the upcoming admission exercise into the university. He was more determined than ever to be admitted, preparing vigorously for the exams, not willing to fail in his passionate quest.
Not defying his passion and hardwork, Femi was admitted into the university to study Neurology. After years of disappointments, Femi could now see a “glimmer of hope” for his passion to be satisfied. But for all he has experienced, there was a question for Femi, would his hope phase through and have a reassuring future end? Femi knew the answer to his question, for he knew he had to discern his own steps for his future as an entirely new life begun.     

          A short  story - Adenipo Oluwadamilare.

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