The New Normal

I’m tired of staying at home! When is this lockdown going to end? I can’t wait to catch up on normal life again. I’ve missed everything out there!’

Nancy hears her daughter, Augusta pouring out her heart to a friend over a WhatsApp video call.

Nancy chuckles and sighs. Those words weren’t strange to her. She has been hearing words like that from various people lately.

However, she has discovered (from her conversation with these people including her beloved daughter) that many are just in a haste to rush back to the ‘new normal’ without any attempt to actually sit back and evaluate their lives, talk less of making essential resolutions or coming up with life changing plans.

Nancy anticipates when Augusta will finish the pity party she’s throwing over the phone. It would be a time to pause and reflect together.

Of course, it’s pretty easy to have a long list of the normal things that you miss and long for but it’s expedient to know if they’re really worth it at this crucial time.

Don’t be fooled by mere emotions or the comfort of old habits, practices or activities. There are some things we’re endlessly committed to, perhaps out of inertia. They seem like a good idea but are irrelevant and unproductive. Sadly, we want to return to them because we don’t take time to sit back and reflect on whether it’s really a good idea for our lives.

Right now, it shouldn’t be 'bout how much you miss those things but if they’re actually adding value to you.Remember, changing just one habit in life can have a huge positive impact in your life.

This puts forth a question as to what type of ‘normal’ is actually worth picking up again or returning to.

I’ll be sharing some points of reflection that’ll help you determine what is worth returning to at the dawn of the ‘new normal'

Be wary of things and people;

✨ that are stereotyped, providing no room for new inventions and improvement.

✨ that seem empty (no substance), meaningless or vague.

✨ that put you at a disadvantaged or losing end i.e drain your skills and sap your energy uncontrollably with little or no benefits.

✨ that are tasteless and don’t make you happy and joyful, deprives you of the sense of fufilment and finding meaning in life.

✨ that confine you to bad habits, whether related to health, attitude or personality.

✨ that lower your self esteem, makes you over dependent and do not motivate you to become a better version of yourself.

that don’t motivate you to dream the big, difficult, 'scary' and problem solving ideas.

✨  that make you misplace your priorities.

✨ that influence you negativity, pollute your character and smear your image.

Life will be much better if you  stick only to what encourages and equips you positively, as well as what challenges you to take up a mindset that is channeled towards growth.

Endeavour to seize this moment to make genuine reflections and painstakingly as well as prayerfully effect a long lasting change in every aspect of your life.

Cheers to a better ‘new normal’! 🥂

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