Somalia's President and Vice Trade Blows in Public

In a rather weird and disgraceful turn of events, Somalia's President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and his Vice exchanged blows, slaps and kicks as they wrestled each other to the ground.

They two were seated side by side at what seemed like a press briefing or a sort of committee or parliamentary sitting (Africa At Random is still not sure what the occasion was).

They were initially holding hands as if there was something that both of them wanted to have, but then after what seemed like a brief moment of verbal exchanges, they both stood up beat each other blue and black. It took efforts of a handful of men to separate the two who were busy tearing into each other!

This is a very disgraceful act for even the most ridiculous of nations. It is not only embarrassing but also a very bad example from the people who should be preaching peace and acting as good role models for a country which is known to be quite volatile.

They seemed to not pay mind to the fact that there were live TV cameras present as they went at it. The two adults seemed to throw caution to the wind and let their emotions get the better of them.

See full video below


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