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Kanye West Expresses Worry about Non- challance to Abortion Cases

Billionaire rapper and fashion designer, Kanye West has reacted to the ridicule he received for crying out during a rally last month when he revealed that his wife, Kim Kardashian nearly aborted his first daughter.

Kanye, after the rally went into a mental breakdown as he revealed in series of tweets that he has been trying to divorce his wife for two years.
kanye west

His tweets brought about reports that he and his wife were having marital issues leading Kim to say that the rapper was suffering from bipolar disorder while urging fans to respect his privacy.

Kanye has since apologized to his wife publicly, but has now resurrected the abortion story

According to Kanye, everyone was concerned about him for crying about the thought of aborting his child, when he is even concerned for the world that feels it’s not a subject worth crying about.

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