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Review: Being Black, Being African, Being Human

By Olakanmi Moyosore

When you hear the word 'Africa' what comes to mind? when you hear the word 'Black', what judgment do you give?

Truth or Dare?

It would have been much easier to say 'Success' if only the mind were 'human' and verbalizes nothing of realities, however, we are humans and realities is what makes us.

A concerned black person once said 'Even our unborn ones are sold out already'

Black is making history, an effigy of tales; In the month of June, kahiga Governor of Nyeri, Kenya did not surprise his residence and people of Kenya when he made a big statement of his picture on a gigantic billboard to speak volume of 'one pit latrine project' for a primary school located in ECDE center in Konyu, Mathira constituency

Ikene Nigeria Japan

"The billboard must have cost more than the pit latrine," some Kenyans said on twitter yet another concerned Kenya resident estimated the billboard to be 60000 Kenya currency and the pit latrine 30000 Kenya currency making the 'achievement' of the governor be well pronounced.

If only the true amount would be said …
It was not pleasing to Kenyans as they utterly showed strong disapproval to such act which led to the removal of the billboard according to NTVNews. One could outrightly say; misuse of a public fund or a pure waste of money.

The fainting of the acting managing director NDDC, Prof Kemebradikumo Daniel Pondei shook the whole of Nigeria to her bones. It could have been heartache, or a sudden blurriness, or the heat(maybe) however, he fainted during a probing on the venue of illegal spending and mismanagement of fund. What could have happened?

The probing got suspended, the minister of Nigeria Delta affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio stayed behind for the probe, 48hours was given to name the lawmakers who got NDDC contracts, Saga dies down, well, not until July 23rd( mandate: July 21) of the completed names compilations.

We could continue with Hushpuppi, or we could talk about Magu… Still, the act of Ikenna Nweke a doctorate student at the University of Tsukuba, Japan advocates hope not only to Nigerians but black as a whole.

Mr. Ikenne Nweke received a commendation letter by the president of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari the 3rd of July 2020 due to his act of integrity he portrayed in Japan by returning a missing wallet with a huge sum and credit cards to the police in Japan, going as far also to turn down offers by the authorities.

What a shock? Unbelievable? Could that be possible? Are you sure he is hustling?

'Still, the act of such honesty is True'.

The openness of Caroline Waiguru Deputy to the governor of Nyeri Kenya also tells displeasure to his buoyant landing of his billboard

"I want to dissociate myself from this persistent cheap publicity stunt, that I consider extremely unfortunate and ill-advised…" She said during an audience granted to NTVNews
General belief spoken when 'black' comes to be mentioned is 'survival' and the life portray has been ' survive anyhow'.

The Kenyan Billboard

It could be we have a wrong focus? It could be the 'treasures' we have speaks where the heart is? Maybe we are all getting it wrong?
It can not be changed? Someone just said

Yet, it is good to draw near to God: putting your trust in the Lord
Maybe it isn't about black, or human, maybe it is about where our focus is…'
Being a faithful wannabe authoritarian? Or a survivor in the full picture? Or better still a contender to world leaders?

What do I have to say to all these?
History is still making.

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