"We Want to Save lives not have Unexplained Deaths," El-Rufai Says as he Reacts to Claims of Governors Reducing Covid-19 Numbers

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state has reacted to claims that some state governors are reducing the number of COVID-19 samples sent to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).


The governor said such claim might be "partly right".

The governor who responded to a tweet from one Twitter user, Jibrin Ibrahim who picked fault in the numbers released by (NCDC) every evening.

Ibrahim claimed that state governors might be reducing the number of samples sent to NCDC so they can record low numbers and hasten return to normal activities.

In Ibrahim's tweet, "Numbers Game Every evening NCDC releases #COVID19 numbers, what do they mean? Samples are sent to labs by task forces controlled by State Governors. The labs can only test what they are given. He who controls the sample set controls the numbers. Governors want low numbers.”

In his reply, Mallam El-Rufai tweeted, "You are partly right, sir. But not all states want ‘fake’ low numbers. FCT, Kaduna & Lagos States at least are actively tracing contacts because we want RIGHT numbers of those infected – to test, trace contacts & treat them. We want to save lives not have “unexplained deaths”!"


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