The Vogue Series: How To Rock A Denim Jacket

1. A boxy or oversize denim jacket. This is a recent style direction and trend. Boxy and baggy dresses actually have a way of making you look older than you are, but not with a denim jacket, if properly done.
2. Your statement earring.
Super dangling earrings, chandelier, hoops, and drops are really my favorites. You don't have to be rigid with this, as far as your earring is making a statement, you are good to go. If you won't be going for a statement earring, a statement necklace should do, but not both at the same time. Just pick one.

3. Wearing your denim jacket as a shirt. This is really straight forward. No inner, just your jacket acting like a jacket and shirt at the same time.
Since it is adopting the properties of a shirt now, a statement necklace will pop out more. This is not a rigid rule though, either a statement necklace or earring would surely do
4. Your denim Jacket and your sneakers of course!
What other way can you look sophisticated but yet simple, simple but yet classy and super simple but yet exquisite? Sneakers are way more comfortable than heels, and yet give a really classy look. If you want to feel comfortable all day long without having to carry an extra slippers around, but still look snatched and chic. Jump on this look right away!
5. Your denim jacket plus a face cap.
Any cap actually. There are also a whole lot of denim caps that can go quite well with the jacket.
6. Pairing the color of your innerwear with your sunglasses. If the color of your inner is red, then wear your sunglasses with a frame or rim of red color. The element here is the color! Avoid being too matchy-matchy. The fact that your innerwear and sunglasses are red doesn't imply that your shoe, pant, hair, and even cap must be red. Learn to play around with neutral colors too, they effortlessly go with other colors too. You don't have your inner and sunglasses matching in the same color? Fine. Just ensure your sunshade looks really elegant on you.
7. Your denim jacket on a gown.
If you are confused about which way to go, simply throw on a black body hug or any type of black gown actually. Of a truth, the denim jacket would go with almost any color. In Fashion, denim or jean color is always referred to as a neutral color, simply because it can go with almost any color. Denims usually have a single color in it's fabric, hence classified as a solid colored piece. This means that they can be with on print and pattern gowns. So, cop which style is yours and look chic!

8. A cropped denim jacket.
I rarely see this, but trust me, they are up in town. Cropped denims are mostly as a result of DIY projects and you can also experiment this at home. Simple cut a denim jacket you are tired of to a suitable crop length, hem the edges, and get ready to slay with it.
9. Denim on denim.
Denim on denim is a really great idea. Preferably of the same shade, texture, and color. This style is super comfortable for winter and cold season.

I guess this helped! Do not forget to leave a comment. Till our next edition. Bye


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