The Vogue Series: How to Rock a Black Dress

Black is a color that has the ability to make you visually appear slim, and this makes it suitable for plus size women to wear this usually. One of the many tricks in rocking a black dress is to add an element of color - whether in your shoe, earring, necklace, jacket, or hair. Let's see a few tips to help you rock your next black dress.
First, use a metallic colored jewelry. To perfectly rock jewelry, let one of the jewelry elements make a statement piece. If your earring is making a statement, skip or make the other elements (like the neckpiece) subtle.
Next, you can use a solid-colored jacket, either in black or in any other colour. A flashy colour may be better and most important if the dress, footwear and all other things that are worn are in color black. The colored jacket would serve as an element of color to make the outfit pop. 

Also, you can rock a footwear in any other color asides black or a statement necklace. A colorful sunglasses is also a better addition whether it is the rim, frame, or lens, there should be an element of color.

6. Don't forget your slits.

7. A colorful hair, especially if the dress and footwear are in black. The trick is to add an element of color, in order to make your outfit pop.

8. A hat, in any other color asides black of course!

9. A statement earring. While trying to achieve this, do not forget the basic rule. It is either a statement earring or a statement necklace, but not both! Keep one subtle instead.
10. A red lipstick. Okay, we were been biased there, ahah..A colored lipstick.

Wearing all black can make you appear like you are mourning. Just ensure you add an element of color. If you are confused about the color to incorporate with this, go with the color that suits your undertone, this is surely the best colors that will fit you best. You should also go with hairstyles and sunglasses that fit your face shape best.

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