What Next?- Expectant Corp Members ask?

The Batch A stream 1 camping exercise was abruptly cut short due to pandemic. Also, It was on the 23rd of March 2020 that a circular was released to the effect of April and May clearance granting the Corp member liberty to adhere to the social distancing and lockdown rule.
Brigadier General Ibrahim Shuaibu the Director-General gave a hint in an exclusive interview he had with Economic Confidential into what would be for prospective Corp members. He said 'He wasn't sure and can not say when. However, when the pandemic dies down the batch A stream 1 would be called back. While stream 2 would be called immediately after two days'.
The Director-General, however, has not said anything explicitly on the faith of Corp members clearance for the next months to come.

Source: Economic Confidential

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