Verify Me partners with jobberman to boost capacity in last mile authentication

VerifyMe Nigeria, a brand that. provides real-time ID reports and ID verifications to prevent instant fraud, has chosen to work in partnership with Jobberman to boost capacity and create jobs despite current COVID-19 challenges.

According to a statement made available by the company, the partnership would see Jobberman recruiting verification agents from each state and local government area en masse to create over 30,000 jobs potentially.

The statement also stated that the initiative marks the country’s most significant investment in capacity building in last-mile authentication and underlies VerifyMe’s commitment to building the trust infrastructure in Africa.

The Chief Executive Officer, VerifyMe Nigeria, Esigie Aguele, said: “We are happy to announce this partnership with Jobberman aimed at boosting capacity for our last-mile verifications across the country but also to create jobs and provide opportunities to people from all walks of life. This is coming on the heels of our growing stakeholder interest in identity verification and KYC as a standard for regulatory compliance and an anti-fraud measure and lending. Expectedly, VerifyMe has seen significant demand for services in eKYC, biometric verification, and Anti-money laundering and CBN complaint verifications.

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