The Vogue Series: Why You Need A Wardrobe Audit II

If you would be requesting for the service of a stylist, right before the audit is scheduled with a stylist, it is essential that you have a consultation with the stylist.

In this way, your personal style and goals will be critically examined. Now how do you know your personal style and goals?

Your personal style and goals are determined by several factors which include your body type, your lifestyle, your personality, your mood, the weather, your job, your complexion, your location.
Note, you can actually determine your personal style without a stylist.
Style is a process of expression. It shows who you are without having to speak (you must have heard the cliche)
It's personal and operates as "what's in here"- what is in you. Note that you can express what's not your personality as your styles... This happens when you have a costume party or an event with a unique theme.

The first thing to consider is to know your body shape. Your body shape helps to determine the clothes that will fit you perfectly. To know your body type, you have to stand in front of a full mirror wearing just your undies.

After identifying your body shape, the next thing is to identify your personal style of fashion. This enables you to know which dress to discard and those to retain, else, you have more dresses in your wardrobe but less outfit to practically wear because they do not match anything in your wardrobe. Honestly, the list of styles is endless but here are a few: business casual, preppy style, casual-chic style, retro style, tomboy, artsy, fashion style, boho/bohemian chic.

5 questions you would have answered at the end of the wardrobe audit:
1. What three words do you want to describe your style & three words that actually describe your present style?
2. What are the dominant colors in your wardrobe?
3. What do you own enough of?
4. What does your wardrobe need to be fully functional?
5. What do you want to replace?

If your answers suit what you really want, then you are good to go!

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