The Vogue Series: Why You Need A Wardrobe Audit

Many people are usually overwhelmed by their cluttered wardrobes, filled with several clothing or less. This is because it leaves them stressed about not being able to express personal styles in a way that they now feel like there is nothing to wear - Does this sound familiar?

If that is the case, what you need is right here, A Wardrobe /Closet Audit

In simple terms, a wardrobe audit is a styling process where all items in the closet are examined alongside one's personal style and goals.

You have to determine what:
1. To keep
2. To toss,
3. It is stained, worn, or outdated and ensure you own a functional wardrobe.

The primary purpose of a closet audit is to make the process of putting an outfit together each morning simple and easy. Over time you lose track of what you own and neglect 80% of your wardrobe for months and years. With a wardrobe audit, you will uncover and revive items and gain knowledge of mixing pieces to provide a variety of options. Other benefits may include;
1. A perfect exercise when you experience a career or lifestyle change. When you have a new job, you might be required to have a particular way to dress or as a business owner, you choose to dress in a particular manner just to attract clients. A lifestyle change may be in terms of changing your location, country, or even a planet.  It could also be as a result of social or religious beliefs.
 2. A boost in your self-esteem.
You know that feeling of accomplishment. You're gonna feel good about yourself.
 3. Enjoy an organized closet and more space in it. Everyone loves a tidy environment.  Imagine you have a well planned and arranged closet. You will definitely have to see everything you own.
 4. Wear clothes that reflect who you are right now and as well support your future goals. When you have a wardrobe audit, You will have what's perfect for you in your wardrobe.
5. Save money through shopping which is essential at the moment. This is simple, you would only have an interest in buying what's important to complement your closet contents. No more impulse buying.

 What happens during a wardrobe audit?
You will be able to:
• identify the clothes that compliment your complexion, body shape, lifestyle, and personality
• create new outfit combinations from 'the keepers' by playing several dress up.
• organize your closet into a workable unit that makes discovering a variety of outfits easier.
• turn your wardrobe inside out.
• take pictures – yes, selfies inclusive!
In the end, you will have a list of items you need to create a full functioning wardrobe.

Things to be in place for a successful Wardrobe Audit

First, you need to remove everything in the closet and clean out every dusty corner and tiny webs. It is advisable you schedule your auditing to be done in the morning when you will be fresh and full of energy. If you have to eat before you start, eat light because you would have to try out some clothes during the session to check their fit (size) and appropriateness (body type); or if the material and its color blends with your skin tone.

You might also need the following to be in place:
1. A mirror that can capture your body shape.
2. A well-charged smartphone or a portable camera to capture 'flat lays. Flatlays are pictures of outfit ideas and inspiration​ where the clothes are folded and laid flat on a surface creatively.
3. A sewing kit that has at least needles, threads of common clothing colors, buttons, and safety pins. Sewing kits would be handy when a little replacements or repair can be managed by you.
4. A jotter and pen should be available for the things you would list out at the end of the session.

Note that it’s not a must this exercise is completed in a day due to several reasons which may include other items on your to-do list. You can as well break the process down for the number of days you know you can complete it.

Credit: Jolastyles Masterclass

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