The future of artificial humans and robots in sports

Are robots really better than humans in sports?

Robot technology is evolving at breakneck speed. Pepper( the name of a robot) of SoftBank is found in companies around the world and is rapidly improving his conversational skills. Telepresence robots open up new opportunities for remote work, while Boston Dynamics' Handle robot could soon (literally) do the work of human colleagues in warehouses.

But warehouses and offices aren't the only places where robots line up alongside humans.

They are also in sports!.

However it's something to think about. Is robotic sports the future? Will robots take the jobs of athletes? They are never tired, don't get injured and do not unionise.

Cue 3 is still far from being ready to take on Curry, or even amateur basketball players, in a real game. However, he is the latest member of a growing group of robots that challenge human dominance in sports.

As these robots continue to develop, they not only exemplify the speed of the exponential development of technology, but also how those technologies are enhancing human capabilities.

There are robot skiers, soccer players, sumos, and even robot game riders. Here are some of them:
Robot: Robo Cup Robots
Intro: The future of soccer. If all goes according to plan, a team of robots will take on Lionel Messis and Cristiano Ronaldo from 2050 and beat them in a full 11v11 game.
Skill level: He currently plays soccer more as a six year old than Lionel Messi.

Robots are performing at a level that was limited to the realm of science fiction in the early millennium. Speed ​​of development indicates that in the near future, my national team soccer coach will probably call a robot instead of a soccer player and it would be okay to do so.

This is something to think about.

In other areas, the playing field for humans and robots is leveling fast. A possible candidate for the first competitions is racing, where cars that drive Roborace League cars could be ready to compete like Lewis Hamilton.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons robots can still take time to beat us is that, along with other exponential technologies, they are already making us better in sports.

The big question that remains is will Robotic sports also become more popular than regular sports? That remains to be seen. Emotions play a big a role within sports and thats one thing robots lack so far. There is also a chance that it will make sports very predictable. For example: two teams who both have unbeatable goalkeepers and super good players,  the results will always be draw.

While, robot may still takeover in the future.

But for now, Let us enjoy all the beautiful sports game with our emotions high and running as we support our favourite team.


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