Madagascar, UN and the Coronavirus Cure

The geographical entity known as Africa was under the firm grip of colonialism for a period not less than a hundred years. During this period, it could be say our lands were looted by the colonial masters. Even after our acclaimed independence, we are still in one way or the other mentally colonialised. An average African sees the way of the  White as the best and sees their African heritage as being barbaric and an aberration that is not supposed to be. We hold the White in a God-like manner. We cherish their leaders, but looked scornfully at ours here in Africa. Though I may not totally blame Africans for this as most of our leaders in Africa are 'costly mistakes' that should not have happened.

The United Nations Organisation (UNO) was founded in 1945 after the second World War which lasted for 6 years. The organisation can be said to be an improved version of the League of Nations which was founded in 1918 just after the first World war. The UN was established to foster friendliness among nations so as to prevent another world war. Since its inception, it can be said that a lot of politicking has been going on in the organisation to frustrate the Africans. This issue has been subjects of arguments and discourse as some people see the UN as not been set for such. But the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has made it open to those who still want to deny. All ears heard the different conspiracy theories about the origin of the coronavirus which our dear  UN refused to take any step on. That would be a subject of discourse for another day.

The latest trending news around the globe now is the uproar the  newly found Madagascan cure is generating amidst this covid-19 pandemic. This latest brouhaha has put a stamp on the  Whites marginalisation of the Africans. Out of all this issue, the UN has successfully created a mountain out of an anthill.

All these started weeks ago when Madagascar, an African country announced that they already had a herbal remedy to combat the coronavirus. During this period that the pandemic has crippled world's economies, I think we should work hand in hand so as to overcome the trials as soon as possible. The UN instead of giving the Madagascan cure a trial, it outrightly rejected the remedy without even trying to subject the cure  to clinical trials.

It would have been okay had the UN  given it a trial first by testing if it could work or not. If after putting it to test, it was said it was not right to be used, then, we would all discard and start looking for another alternatives just like the vaccine discovered by the Oxford professors. I believe we would have had a different case if the cure was discovered by one of the first world's countries. The UN didn't deem it fit to test first because the cure had Africa written all over it or what could be an acceptable explanation for the outright rejection?

If we are wondering about the efficiency of the cure, I think the records are there for confirmation. For a country which have less than 500 confirmed cases of the virus with zero fatality until May 18, 2020, I think it is save to say the cure may be efficient than we could imagine. If other African countries had gone the Madagascar's way by looking inwardly for the coronavirus cure and not expecting a vaccine from some 'demi-gods,' the coronavirus may have likely been a thing of the past in the continent.

What we should know as Africans is that we should not dogmatically follow the White ways. I do not think any Africa country can survive nine weeks of total lockdown like Italy. We should try to fend for ourselves without waiting for the Whites' midas touch. If we do not have a midas touch, we should create one. The major financier of the UN are the whites. Africans are seen as those who amount to nothing. There are already conspiracies involved in this pandemic, Africans should not be entangled in their webs. It is high time we reached an epiphanic state so as to free ourselves from the shackles of any form of colonialism and imperialism. Africans, it is time we woke up from our slumbers.

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