I Feel At Ease While Helping People - Alao Toheeb

Alao Toheeb, SADAF Foundation

Alao Toheeb, founder of the Suicide and Depression Awareness Foundation walks the talk with us on the SADAF Story. Read the Interview here.

NNI: Can we meet you?
Guest: I am Ambassador, Toheeb Oluwanishola Alao from Kwara State in Ilorin west LG. I was born and brought up in Ilorin as the third child into a family of five. I started primary education in 1998 in between two different schools within Ilorin and also obtained secondary education in Ilorin as well in the 2011. My love for education made me go for NCE, where I studied business and accounting education at Kwara State College of education Oro, when admission into the university was hard on first attempt but later on precede for my first degree where I majored in educational management. My quest for knowledge and love for education keeps driving me; as I am currently in pursue of my second degree. I am a counselor, an advocator, public speaker, teacher and a photographer. I am also the founder of the NGO, Suicide and depression awareness foundation (SADAF)

NNI: How has the social development and service to humanity journey been for you so far? Guest: Social development and humanity has been a part of  interesting and fulfilling aspect of me since my junior secondary school and full fledged during my youth service days, I feel at ease while helping people reach their full potentials through advocacy and counseling

NNI: What does managing an NGO entail? Are there any skills you have to learn?
Guest: Managing NGO entails leadership, communication, planning both (pre-operational and operational) and management both (strategic and operational)

NNI: What do you do at the SADAF Foundation?
Guest: At (SADAF), Suicide and depression awareness foundation we sensitize, counsel, sponsor advocate for the SDGs goals of the united nations on good health and wellbeing thus make referrals to authorities

NNI:. Do you think the effort of NGOs is not visible? What are your reasons?
Guest: Non Governmental Organisations play an important role in international development, aid and philanthropy which is the main reason they rely on fund raising from various sources

NNI:  There is this thing about NGOs clamouring for fame. What is your view on NGO's offering aid and yet taking pictures for social recognition?
Guest: This to my own opinion is just for networking and sharing of contents to reach the masses suffering from the similar problem

NNI: Do you think social impact can be measured?
Guest: Yes, as a process of understanding change and attribute in organization activities

NNI: What is your view on Global Youth Development and growth? Do you think we are making progress?
Guest: Yes, it is a gradual process. Rome was not built in a day

NNI: The current Coronavirus pandemic has led to global lockdown and isolation. Many have yielded to depression at this point. What do you think is the way out?
Guest: An online awareness and educative programs to lift up the mood of others, checking on relatives and close ones through mobile

NNI: How do you manage volunteers for the SADAF Foundation?
Guest: We are one, we treat one other like families, that is we embrace our flaws

NNI: What is your advice to fellow young individuals?
Guest: Never give up on your dreams and work on personal productivity

NNI: What should we expect from SADAF Foundation in the near future? Any big plans?
Guest: We are cooking something big for sure, in his grace we would partner with international bodies on various health matters

NNI: Thank you very much for your time sir.
Guest: Thanks for having me, I’m highly honored         


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