'I Can't Breathe'' - The Murder of George Floyd

In the late hours of Monday, 25th May 2020, a disheartening video went viral on the killing of a black man by officers of Minneapolis USA.

‘I can’t breathe… I can’t breathe’
George Floyd Death Video

Those were the last words of the choking George Floyd.

From the video, A man was seen lying flat on his belly faced down, handcuffed hands to the back with three officers beside him. One choking him with a knee to his throat, and two other besides him avoiding him from standing. Despite the insistent words of onlookers on the ill-mannered way of the officers, the ‘protector’ who was the fourth officer choose to follow 'killing' rather than being a 'human'.

‘Please, let me stand… I can’t breathe…I can’t breathe’

What could he have done to deserve such treatment of arrest? ‘RESISTING  ARREST’  or being  ‘BLACK’

It is sad to say that such treatment especially towards black is very common in the spherical walls of the USA, even their President by words do not hide his nauseate towards other races…

What then can we say to these things?
Why the hate?

Could it be a sign of xenophobia?  Or in the words of millions ‘RACISM’? The big excuse has always been on account of drugs, crime or unlawful hustling with a painting that blacks are 
the ‘niggers’ and dumbs... Well, maybe we tend to live like that.

Blacks, who defines you? What do we validate? Who we are or who we are not?

The death of George Floyd is a painful one because it could have been avoided and hence should be tagged the 'killing of a Man’ whose name is George Floyd Or better put 'the killing of George Floyd'.
Hence, a termination from duties doesn't serve a better consequence.

'Indeed, because the sentence against evil deeds is so long in coming, people, in general, think they can get by with murder'

This would lead me to Archie Williams a black man who was falsely prosecuted for thirty-seven years for a crime he did not know...'Charged with Rape and Murder' of a white woman

They falsely accused Archie, what were the punishments of the accuser?

It is not only Archie, He was just lucky to have been vindicated.

What is our hope blacks?

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