How Kilenra is Changing the Face of Investments in Nigeria

While many schemes exist to help individuals make money online, making money online in Nigeria, make money online, making money online in Nigeria without investment, how to make money online in Nigeria as a student, Making money from home, passive income streams and many more are common search options on the internet.

Kilenra investment limited is an opportunity to help people understand that money is not made but controlled. To do this, it gives a rare privilege to have passive income accrued to fixed income. Kilenra investment limited trades with individual capital or savings and guarantees a monthly 20% returns on investments for the fearless investors and a sizable return to the up and coming investor so in the long run, everyone wins!

More specifically, with the Kilenra website, there is a reduced minimum amount of investment. Investors just sit and expect alerts after every 25 working days of a booked investment.

Kilenra Investment Limited operates with their involvement in National treasury bills, Global Forex trading, Real estates and Rent. It also doubles as an all-in-one investments marketplace where you can access wide range of investment options from reputable investment companies and brands like MeristemNG, AfrinVest, United Capital Plc, ARM, Citi Trust Investment Ltd., StanbicIBTC Asset Management, Peninsula Asset Management, Lotus Capital, FBN Capital and Wales Kingdom Capital

As an Online Investing  platform, Kilenra invests in sectors that provide long-term returns and have the ability to prosper Africa with impact driven opportunities, making investing worthwhile again for everyone with our easy to use and highly rewarding platform.

INVESTMENT deals with Money Market-Fund, Real Estate, Agriculture, and General Merchandise.

Kilenra offers instant access to a very secured and profitable Investment, all in one place that allows money to work for you while you FOCUS on other things. To do this, Kilenra's mission is to provide impact driven opportunities for people to increase their finances and contribute to economic growth by supporting SDGs in Africa and Beyond. Kilenra also provides people with impact-driven opportunities to increase their finances, contribute to economic growth, and become key players in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals while improving lives and transforming Africa. The goal is to inspire Africans by creating opportunities that everyone can participate in, and that will have a profound net-positive impact on the economy and connect individuals to impact-driven opportunities with higher returns.

The Kilenra team hosts passionate men and women between the ages of 20 and 40 who have come from the field of Real estate, finance, agriculture, and technology, with a goal to get money working hard, everyday. To do this, they partner with top investment brands to birth a wide array of investment options. These investments are professionally managed and present the perfect option to diversify.

The fun rises in the fact that anyone can Start building a portfolio with choice investment, ranging from treasury bill/bonds, mutual funds, and alternative investments, all commission-free, right from a mobile phone or desktop

INVESTMENT by Kilenra is a Brokerage & Investment  Firm in Nigeria with an exceptional reputation for ethical and progressive business practices. They offer time tested investment options and opportunities managed by skilled professionals that guarantee a high return on investment. Some include;

1️⃣ Central Bank of Nigeria  (TBills)

*Paying 10-15% annual interest*

2️⃣ Foreign Exchange (paying 20% monthly interest)

3️⃣ Real Estate (Land & Property), Paying Rent & Appreciation

We bring a wide array of investment options to you. These investments are professionally managed and present you with the perfect option to diversify

Our *Agriculture* investments has a comprehensive insurance cover provided by Leadway Assurance Company Limited is being put in place against flood, lightning, burglary/housebreaking, explosion/fire, earthquake and accidental damage that may be caused to the farm and warehouse during the course of the project.

Investment Overview:
A Unit Price in Nasarawa State. worth N20,000 brings an average Returns at 12% in a Duration: 8 months;

Running forex trading with can guarantee you up to 20% returns on investment every 25 working days.

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  1. Kilenra is a trusted investment company. This month would be my 3rd time investing with them and they have proven to be the best 😋

  2. Where is their portal to sign-up

    1. Kindly message the Investment manager +234 807 042 6500


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