COVID-19- Lockdown, Social Distancing, High Transportation Rocks Systems

Over the years, Lagos State has been a Superhero character to Businessmen and women not just to Nigeria but also to other African nations. Opportunities are said to be at a clear sight in Lagos communities and this seems to be true with the Development that's obviously seen in Lagos state.

Lagos state is the Centre of Excellency, apart from that it can be said to be a Center for Busines, Opportunities, and Platforms, but one special feature about Lagos as well is its Transportation. This is a serious issue as the population of individuals in Lagos state are too much for its geographical boundary. Or probably the vehicles are more than the roads and as a result, there is always heavy traffic in Lagos state.

As a result of the traffic, commercial drivers tend to increase the price of their charges especially when it rains or when its at night or sometimes when the traffic is at a gridlock they increase it as well, in this case, a distance spent at #100 for could take #350.

Presently, as a result of Social distancing in Lagos the commercial drivers have taken it as an opportunity to increase transportation prices beyond normal. While Lagosians are complaining, drivers still pick up two passengers per seat instead of four passages per seat as a result of observing social distancing. This is so alarming right now as people now pay double and triple for transportation just to go to work and come back home, Lagos use to be quite an expensive buy now it's super expensive, Lagos residents right now want the lock down to be completely relaxed so that everything will return to normal.

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