How to Step Up your Fashion Game II

In the first edition of this topic, a few fashion tips to note plus ideas to step up your fashion game while the lockdown lasts were shared. While I presume you have started taking them on one after another, what problems have you encountered so far? How can I help you too? If you are just good, let's continue with a few extra tips today.

First, you can choose to intern with your fashion mentors and icons. This involves that you spend time with your fashion favorites more. That way, you will enjoy the expanding fashion horizon and knowledge. You can read their articles, watch their programs and videos, check out their profiles and handles, master their dress sense and inspirations, go through their biographies and autobiographies, check out their pictures and see how they thrive fashion wise. You will surely get styles, fashion and trend inspirations to prepare for the coming season. However, do not copy all that you see, the point is to get more fashion and style inspirations from your fashion favorites.

Again, watch and read more about fashion. There are fashion tips you have hoped to learn and know more about but unfortunately have not been able to learn - probably due to lack of time and a busy schedule or routine all week long. While those weights are off, take this time to learn them. The good news is that it sticks, comes handy and could be of help for a very long time.

Also, try to adopt a beauty routine. Some personal suggestions include adopting a daily nail care, lip care, vagina care or hair care routines. These are few suggestions of many others. Being fashionable isn't limited to the clothes you wear, it's all about grooming yourself and your whole body to be nothing less than attractive. Give yourself a wig break! Wash your hair, use hair perfumes, they do not only make your hair smell nice, but also enhance hair growth because they contain essential oils. Moisturize and take care of your hair daily depending on whatever routine is suitable for you. The same goes for nails and other parts. Wash, groom and treat them like eggs. All these efforts sum up together to make you look really attractive and fashionable.

This season is also best to build confidence and discipline. The best outfit you can ever put on is "confidence" and the best style to adopt is "discipline". All areas of your life need this and your fashion lifestyle isn't an exception. If you are exquisitely dressed and your confidence isn't present, then you are truly the worst dressed. For discipline, if you groom your fashion lifestyle this period and adopt some lifesaving routines and you aren't disciplined enough, by the time the holiday will be over, you will find yourself going back to your old ways, and that will total all efforts to waste,

Finally, Stay healthy. Do not forget to work out. Eat a lot of nutritious food and fruits. Drink enogh water. Clean out your closets and boxes. Clean yourself at least twice in a day. Stay in touch with family and friends, and simply have a lot of fun while you stay home and stay safe.

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