Stepping Up your Fashion Game During the COVID-19 Pandemic I

While you are bored and tired of staying at home all day long, the truth remains that this isolation and quarantine isn't a joke at all. So, instead of watching your wall clock fly on, here are some perfect ways to improve your fashion lifestyle this period, such that at the end of this, your fashion game would have experienced a juicy upgrade!

This guide will focus on both genders, but first, ladies can learn to draw brows properly this season. There is always a difference in drawing  brows and not. If you are into the "I love my natural look" lifestyle, you will agree that for some occasions you need to grace, it will be much more appropriate to get your brows busy than appearing with a bare face. Learning to draw your brows doesn't mean you are preparing to draw them every day. At the same time, you can get really good at it that you won't spend a minute to draw and conceal them properly. In as much as they help to pop your face more, they can also make you look like a masquerade if not properly done. So get your eye pencils ready, and let's draw you some brows baby!

For the Guys, you may need to learn to knot a Tie. For sure, you know how to and it's not in dispute, however, seeing guys who knot ties like they are tying a rope truly gives a headache. It is really not about knotting them, but how you incorporate them into your outfit  that matters. Many guys avoid this and only get to use a tie when they are going for interviews or some really corporate event that warrants it. Ties are fashionable items and you should wear them more. It coordinates your look in a sweet way.

On a general note, you can decide to master  and lord your wardrobe. This is because you discover that some dresses in your closet  have not been worn as matching them with other outfits is a little bit complicated. Now, this is the time to do some trial and error exercise with your outfits. Match all outfits together, ranging from your dresses to your footwear, bags, jewelries and other accessories. Match them in different ways that you have never tried out before. Try out new styles and combinations and you will find out that you can be more stylish with the clothes you have. We all, especially ladies, complain of not knowing what to wear almost every morning, but in the actual sense of it, we have about a hundred outfits in our closet, but we just do not know how to pair them. These clothes end up being useless and unused for a long time. See which outfits perfectly go and get prepared to rock them when the compulsory holiday is over.

Again, you can find out your personal style. It's not just about being fashionable, but being stylish. Style, unlike fashion in the general sense, isn't general at all. It is really personal and varies from one individual to another. Use this period to know what fits you and what doesn't fit you. We all have colors that will uniquely fit us more than the others. Learn about them. Know your body shape and what fits you more. Knowing your body shape is key, because it helps you to understand more about dresses and outfits that will fit you best. Learn about the colour wheel- this will help you in combining colours for any outfit.

Finally, you may take fashion courses online. This is especially if your interest is really strong. If you don't want to embark on it professionally, the knowledge of it isn't a bad idea at all. Keep adding value to yourself, it matters a lot, who knows if that will be the starting point of your journey into being a great fashion entrepreneur. This is life, and anything can happen.

Catch you on our next edition!

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