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The Vogue Series: How to Smell Nice during Summer & Eradicate Body Odour in Hot Weather (1)

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In this edition, I will put you through on how to smell good and nice in this hot weather. Smelling good is a serious business because you do not want your body to get mad at you. Once it does, it starts smelling and that isn't pleasant at all. So, let's have a nice time together!

Why should you smell good anyway? So many reasons though, but here is basic.
First, You feel more confident when you smell good, and that is ultimate. It also makes you confident that there are more opportunities for you, professionally and socially. That way, you become more attractive too.

So how can you smell nice and eradicate body odour during this season?

You really have to put it in mind that it is not only your skin that gives rise to body odour. The entirety of your body does. This include areas like your hair, female and male versions of the pubic area, the legs, the armpit bla bla bla. Likewise, your internal well being can also affect your own body odor which depends on many factors like food, diet, metabolism, genes, level of stress and others.

Let's get started!

1. Deodorize your shoe and use Shoe Sprays.

 This is a thing originally used by athletes. Shoe spray acts like a perfume for your feet, making sure that they stay smelling good even when you're sweating. Solid or balm perfume is another good option. Even if you don't have naturally pungent feet, the reaction between your shoe's material and your bare, sweaty skin can create a gnarly scent, no one wants to be caught with smelly shoes. You can also choose to sprinkle either baby powder or baking soda in your shoes. The powder helps to absorb excess oils and moisture, while leaving behind a fresh scent. Dry tea bags e.g Lipton, top tea e.t.c are amazing for soaking up stale or smelly scents. Place a few in your shoes for a fresher smelling opportunity.

2) Layer Your Scents.

If you've found a particular scent that you love, try to incorporate it throughout your entire beauty routine for a larger impact. Layering is a systematic way of applying shades of lightly scented beauty product and finally topping and ending it with some spritz of perfume itself which might not be slightly scented. Start by using a scented body wash in the shower, and then follow up with similarly smelling (or unscented) body lotion, moisturizer or body butter, follow it up with a deodorant and perfume in order to lock in the scent. This might sound a little bit tough, but its not, its just your normal "bathing-creaming your body-applying perfume and deodorant" routine, but this time, it is systematically and deliberately done with the aim of incorporating the fragrance into your routine to make you smell nicer. When it's really hot outside, avoid using a bunch of products with different scents except they are in the same fragrance family. When you get really hot and sweaty, all those smells are going to mix together and smell strong with a body odor undertone. To avoid this, use lotion, body wash and hair products that all have the same scent. That way you keep the warring smells under control.

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3. Shower!

We may not always have time to shower. However, this doesn't mean that we have to let unpleasant scents linger. Banish any sweat or oil buildup by using a cleansing cloth, napkin, face towel, handkerchief or baby wipe. Not only do the wipes feel refreshing on the skin, but they also help to wish away dirt and bacteria. Do  well to take them with you wherever you go also.

4. Sweat doesn't just affect your skin. It can leave your hair smelling bad as well. Perfume your hair. Make your hair smell nice but do not spray the perfume directly on your hair as the alcohol in the perfume could dry out your hair. Instead, spray in a brush first, or the comb you are about to use, before combing or brushing your hair. You can get a hair perfume instead.

5. Get yourself a deodorant, perfume and body spray. 

Do not replace one for the other, they all perform different functions. Deodorants serves as an antiperspirant while a perfume cannot serve as that. Deodorant has the ability to tackle and fight bacteria causing body odour while a perfume cannot. A perfume is engineered to give you a particular signature scent and a deodorant might be scented or not. Bad odors can damage the ability to smell. Perfumes don't stop sweating and bad odour so it cannot be used a substitute for deodorant. 

Reach for stronger smelling scents when it comes to smelling good, not all scents are in equal concentration. In fact, there are several scents that tend to fade faster than others and it depends on the strength- whether its a Parfum, EDP, EDT, EDC, EDF, body mist, body spray or an aftershave. The difference in the concentration of the fragrance contained in a particular signature scent is mainly the difference between a body spray and a perfume. This is the main reason why their functions is totally different. Moisturizer prior to applying your perfume to help make your signature fragrance stick and last longer, you can also use moisturizers that are of the same fragrance as your perfume. There are other ways to make your fragrance last longer, you can check through past editions here, I have well explained tips and hacks that would help you achieve this.

6. Make Your Own Linen Spray.

Homemade linen sprays are a quick, easy solution to eliminate any unwanted smells from your clothing. You can create your own linen spray by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to a spray bottle, and top it off with water. The combination helps to dilute the oils, so they absorb easily into the fabric.

7. Protect Your Armpits. 

Whether it's a stick, cream, or spray, choosing a long-lasting deodorant and this is actually one if one of the best ways to stay smelling fresh. If you think you may need extra protection, try reaching for deodorants that are branded at clinical or prescription strength. Lime is a good deodorant also, and it reduces sweating when continually used, it also gives you a citrus sort of scent, its only that citrus scents don't get to last for so long.

With that, let us wrap up today's edition. With 6 more points to go, stay tuned till my next episode! 

I love comments and reviews, do well to drop yours before leaving here, it really means a lot to me. Catch you on our next edition!

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