The Vogue Series: How to Stay Fashionable While on Your Period

Looking fashionable while on your menstrual period isn't solely about just looking good, the goal is to also feel good about yourself (when your body may physically be feeling worn down) while still looking fashionable at the same time. Do not let your period cramp your style, fashion sense and beauty. Do not allow your monthly mental craze drive your wardrobe and fashion sense crazy too.

In as much as you would love me to give some certain types of rigid rules, I am actually set to burst your bubbles this time around. There are no rules about what you can wear or what you can't wear during your monthly period. The key ingredient is to be comfortable, and this means different things to different people.

I decided to ask around before coming to some certain conclusions and here is what I got;

"About this, it's usually not a big deal or anything different for me with fashion while menstruating. I wear my usual clothes. And maybe darker skirts or trousers as way to look out for stains" - Okere Ruth

"I use the right sanitary  pad, drink lots of water. Even though some people  are scared to wear white during that period, I SLAY IN WHITE AND CREAM COLOURS THEN... also your panties matter... Its good to use the perfect  size of panties that your sanitary pad will fit into very well. I don't do tight fitted clothes  during  that period, I wear something that makes me express myself and feel so confident; Palazzo pants and a nice top with a lovely sandal, and my scarf to protect my hair and face from the sun. My favorite accessory is my earrings. Lastly I try my best to smell nice....I'm not complete without my after shower spray and my perfume - Giwa Sandra

Sandra's response shocked me in a way. I mean, she slays in white! I think she deserves an award, but that only brings us back to what I said earlier on; being comfortable means different things to different people.

In that case, I wouldn't be giving you rules as regards what to wear during this period, I would only be suggesting ways to ensure maximal comfort, and yeah, I will be suggesting ideas that have worked for me overtime.

It's a perfect idea to wear a shirt that reaches finger tip length and also covers your rear. It helps you cover up in case of leakage. You can also keep a sweatshirt or sweater near you at all times, it may be necessary to tie it around your waist at some point.

If you suffer bloatness during this period like myself, you can opt for a loose  clothing like a pallazo, a flair skirt or a flair gown. I normally feel like I do not want any sort of clothing or item to touch my skin except water, so these loose clothings always go a long way for me.
Incase you use menstraul products that are prone to leaking or perhaps you happen to have a heavy flow, avoid wearing a white attire for obvious and known reasons, wear black, especially if you do have heavy flow. Do not dress up like you are mourning. You can also wear shorts and tights for extra protection and firmness.

Play around with your shoes and accessories. It adds to your comfort level and boosts your confidence too. I love sneakers especially because its sort of flat and makes me look chic at the same time. Wear a shade or lens to lighten up, colourful jackets aren't a bad idea too. Scarfs, earrings, chains, belts and bags aren't left out too.

Avoid synthetic fabrics that irritate the skin. Avoid nylon materials. Pick clothes of natural sources like cotton for the sake of fresh air. It is all in a bid to be healthy, sweat less and avoid bad odour. This applies to your lingeries as well.

Use deodorant, body sprays and perfumes to smell fresh and chic at every point in time. Dress nice, smell nice, it is very important.

Do not forget your diet also. Eat well, drink lots of water, take fruits, exercise, treat cramps according to prescriptions, maintain and improve your personal hygiene and live your normal life by enjoying it with your friends and  loved ones. That's ultimately important too.

So, i will be dropping my pen here. Remember you don't have to wear special clothes, and you don't have to look boring at the same time. Just be comfortable!!!

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