Scientists in Rome separate coronavirus for examination

A group of Italian scientists at the National Institute for Infectious Diseases have isolated the rapidly spreading coronavirus, Italian channels reported on Sunday.
This is coming even as the number of entrenched cases tops 14,000 in more than two dozen countries.
“It means there are more chances to understand and study the virus, in order to include it,” said Italy’s health minister, Roberto Speranza.
The institute in Rome will formulate the results accessible for use in other countries so that further research can be carried out.
Some specialists are already racing to develop a vaccine.
Separating the virus means obtaining a pure microbial  specimen from an infected person rather than growing it in a laboratory.
Researchers at the institute in Rome also  examine expected cases of coronavirus. Two cases have already been substantiated in Italy, affecting Chinese tourists infected in their home country.
The investigators said they had been able to separate the virus within 48 hours of the diagnosis, according to the Ansa news agency.
Few days ago, Australian scientists managed to grow the coronavirus in a laboratory.

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