The Vogue Series: Perfumes or Body Spray?

More often, people refer to a particular bottle of fragrance as a perfume, and another, a body spray. Perhaps you think one is always in a long bottle while the other is in a short bottle as a friend told me  before, or even as a kid, while growing up. I had always thought that body sprays were the fake versions of perfumes or probably a decline in quality of original perfumes. I also noticed that they do not last for long compared to the perfumes I took from my mum's wardrobe - my mum being a core perfume lover.

Let us take a dive. By the end of our discussion, you would be able to differentiate between the two as I will be giving detailed explanations on each of them. Let's go!

The Vogue Series by Crownex

Perfumes and body sprays are usually made up of fragrances, which can either be a fragrance oil - the synthetic or artificial form of fragrance gotten from aroma compounds and a blend of resins and carrier oils or  essential oils which is the natural form of fragrance, gotten from natural sources like plant and animals. These fragrances can be dissolved in a particular solvent, either alcohols or carrier oils and other optional ingredients like fixatives and colorants.

I hope I didn't confuse you. Now, let me make that simpler. Perfumes and body sprays are made up of fragrances dissolved in a solvent for easy disperse in air. These fragrances are mixed using a particular known concentration of this various constituents depending on the quantity you want to make, now, what majorly differentiates a perfume from a body spray is the concentration of fragrance. Perfumes are made up of more fragrance than a body spray. A perfume is more likely to have twice the fragrance contained in a body spray, which makes it last longer on the body.

Many people around say that a perfume is usually applied on our dresses while a body spray is applied on our bodies. I hear this a lot, but wait a minute. What do you think about this? You can choose to read the previous paragraph again. Do you think it has something to do with that point?

There is no YES or NO answer to this. It only depends on the brand you patronize. To go a little further, fragrance oil, found in perfumes (in higher quantity) and in body sprays (in lesser quantity compared to a perfume) can be a disadvantage, because they cause irritation on the skin and tend to elevate problems of people with respiratory sickness like asthma as they are likely to contain some chemicals like preservatives that causes this. This is one reason why this school of thought may be valid, since the higher the quantity, the more preservatives each molecule of it would contain. These preservatives can sometimes be harmful chemicals but then, what if the brand you patronize uses little or no form of preservative, or what if the perfume majorly contains essential oils, which are purely natural and do not contain any chemical?

It should also be worthy of note that some perfumes contain a degree of colorants which can stain any fabric it comes in contact with. Imagine a nurse with a her uniform - it all levels down to the fact that, you have to be careful of the brand you patronize, plus, your preference about how you want it to be used matters. It is worthy of note to state that there are effective ways to use both a body spray and a perfume, so then, how should each be used?

This is the professional advice I usually give my clients. Since body spray contains a lesser quantity of fragrance concentration, it can be used to refresh the body immediately after bathing. Just run it along your body to feel refreshed. You can also use it after your night shower before going to bed as  it makes you feel super refreshed. Also have it in mind that a body spray is totally different from a deodorant. While dressing, a perfume would be preferable as it has the capacity to last longer, the beauty is when each is gotten from the same brand and used for its different purpose- that is, your body spray should perfectly compliment your perfume (if your body spray is of a woody fragrance, your perfume should also be the same, not a herbal or rose type of fragrance)

Some brands are nice enough to solve this issue by having both a body spray and a perfume. Sometimes, a cologne or body mist can serve as a body spray, as it is less and safe in concentration of fragrance oil. However, this might be a little bit confusing as a Cologne has 2 different definitions. A cologne might mean a perfume with a lesser concentration of fragrance oil compared to a parfum extract, an Eau de Parfum or an Eau de Toilette. A cologne can also mean a perfume simply made for men. So all in all, your preference is all that matters...

While I round this episode, I hope you would be able to differentiate between a perfume and body spray in any situation. Incase of any other enquiry or further explanation, you can send me a mail here.

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