The inter-faculty football match is schedule to start for next week. As the culture is various faculties will be competing against one another in the upcoming football match. Although the Seal Competition is still ongoing, sources have it that the unrelenting football players are yet preparing for another match for next week.
The Seal Competition is between various departments unlike the inter-faculty in which the players are representing the interest of their faculties. In the ongoing competition, many departments have been victorious while others have faced waterloo in the hands of their opponents. One of such departments that have been defeated is Law which lost to Sociology in the match held on 1stof August, 2019 where Sociology scored four goals and Law managed to score a goal. Although faculty of Law was defeated, they also had already defeated their opponents in their previous matches. One of such departments that had suffered defeat in the hand of faculty of Law was the departments Geology whom Law beats with 3 points to 0. Also, Law defeated History with 4 goals to 3.  However, Law and other departments like History, and others are now off the game.
With only few departments left, the quarter final of the Seal Competition was held on August 3rd, 2019. The results from the quarter final match are as follows:
·         Sociology vs Psychology which the result was 0 to 0 but Sociology later won with a penalty shootout

·         Human Kinetics (KHE) VS Educational Management (EME), with the result 1 to 0 respectively

·         Animal Science vs ASSESA with the result 1 to 0, and;

·         Geology vs English which the result was 0 to 0 but English later won with a penalty shootout.
After the quarter final, EME, ASSESA, Geology and Psychology are off the match. With only four departments left, the semifinal is schedule to hold for Monday 5th of August, 2019. The match will go as follows;
           Sociology vs Animal Science – 3pm
            KHE vs English -4pm
After a friendly match between faculty of Law and BMLS in preparation for the upcoming inter-faculty football match competition, the inter-faculty football match is confirm to start for Thursday 15th of August, 2019 with faculty of Law and Social Sciences opening the floor.

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