Google restricts Huawei's access to Android OS

Google has reportedly clamped down on the mobile phone manufacturer, dealing a huge blow to the Chinese firm. This will take effect on the New Huawei phones to be released. It has been reported that the new Huawei phone will not have access to certain google apps. However, that surprising fact is that the reason behind this has been political. Donald Trump recently added Huawei to a list of companies which American firms are restricted from trading with. Americans firms now require a license to trade with Huawei and other companies on this "black list".

Google has referred to its actions as "complying with the order", but Huawei are yet to release any official statement. The move by google excludes Huawei from receiving Google security updates and technical support. Also, this will prevent new Huawei phones from accessing apps such as YouTube and Google Maps. However, Huawei still has complete access to the Android OS operating with an open license. 

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This actions could be very damaging to Huawei in the short term as it risks losing a good percentage of its customers. This could lead to Huawei and more smartphone manufacturers identifying the need for a viable alternative means to the popular Android OS. In fact, Huawei prepared for this eventuality as a good number of its smartphones now operate with the use of its proprietary processors.
Regardless of Huawei's reaction, this could be the biggest blow yet to its ambition to replace Samsung as the bestselling smartphone brand.

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