Donald Trump wins mid term election 


combative Donald Trump claimed “close to a complete victory” on Wednesday as Republicans expanded their Senate majority but lost the House of Representatives in the US midterm elections.
In a lengthy and highly-charged press conference in the White House, the US president claimed a “tremendous” victory in the elections, in spite of the Republicans’ loss of more than two dozen seats in the House. He also lashed out at the media, telling one journalist to “sit down” and lambasting CNN’s senior White House correspondent as a “rude, terrible person”.
Despite pledging a spirit of bipartisanship as he opened his press conference with prepared remarks, Mr Trump soon went off script, threatening Democrats with a “warlike” response if they tried to use their new subpoena powers to request his tax returns or launch impeachment proceedings.

Sessions resignation

In a further twist in an already dramatic day in Washington, Mr Trump announced on Twitter shortly after his press conference that attorney general jeff  session had tendered his resignation.
The effective sacking of Mr Sessions, who had fallen out of favour with Mr Trump after recusing himself from the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, immediately raised questions about the position of Robert Mueller, the special counsel heading that inquiry.

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